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La Dame Blanche
• 1/5/2018

Are these books tied

I know this is the Grishaverse, meaning, well, everything book is a part of this whole main thing, but how are Language Of Thorns and The Shadow and Bone series similar?
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La Dame Blanche
• 1/5/2018
In structure, they are not very similar. Language of Thorns is a collection of illustrated folk tales, with different protagonists in each story. They are "old" stories, like how we might think of Little Red Riding Hood or the Three Little Pigs.

Shadow and Bone, as well as its two sequels, has one main protagonist, Alina, and the story of all three books focuses on her hero's journey and the Ravkan war. It seems to take place in the "present" within the Grishaverse, or at least there is no "once upon a time" sense to the narration.

That said, there are many elements common to both, such as the Grisha types and other parts of the mythology, the various nations and their cultures, possibly certain characters...
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