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Adem Bajan is Alys Van Eck's music teacher. He played a part in attending to Inej Ghafa while she was imprisoned by Jan Van Eck.


Bajan becomes indentured to Jan Van Eck as Alys Van Eck's music teacher six months prior to the events of Crooked Kingdom. He is romantically fond of Alys and teaches harp, pianoforte, flute, and voice.

Crooked Kingdom[]

Bajan tends to Inej Ghafa after she is captured by Van Eck and imprisoned on Eil Komedie. Van Eck chooses Bajan as her tender because he believes a Suli boy coming and going to Eil Komedie at odd hours will draw the attention of Kaz Brekker. Inej notes that Bajan is always gentle when removing her blindfold and re-tying her hands in front of her so she can eat, but he does not stoop to clean up her messes. He makes small talk with Inej and attempts to get her to answer questions about Kaz and the Dregs, considering it a victory whenever she responds. Inej always disparages Bajan, calling Van Eck his master and implying Bajan cannot do anything for himself.

After almost a week of attending to Inej, Bajan tells her that Van Eck could reunite her with her family. Although he usually discourages speaking Suli, he encourages Inej to remember her home, but Inej sends him scurrying away in fear. That night, Inej escapes her cell but is caught in the theater by Van Eck and his guards. When the guards begin to torture Inej, a worried Bajan encourages her to answer Van Eck's questions; she insults him and emphasizes his cowardice. Bajan takes her back to her cell, still expressing his sympathy, but Inej denounces him with a Suli curse, telling him his ancestors will forsake him as he has forsaken Inej. The next day, Bajan does not speak to Inej and is scared by her curse the previous night. When a messenger delivers news that Kaz kidnapped Alys, Bajan is worried; Van Eck slaps Bajan.

After Van Eck is arrested and Wylan Van Eck inherits the household, Alys leaves the city for the lake house, where she continues her voice lessons with Bajan.

Personality and traits[]

Bajan is gentle, amiable, and pleasant, but also lazy and cowardly. He is confident in his looks and skill. Inej Ghafa describes him as "a head full of nonsense and a mouth full of easy charm."[1] Bajan uses his charm and lazy smile to try to trick Inej into revealing something useful to Van Eck, but he lacks the resolve to help Inej, one of his own people. He is ill-suited to the violence of Ketterdam, still believes in fairness and inaction, and is easily scared by the actions of Inej, Kaz Brekker, and Van Eck.

Physical description[]

Bajan is Suli. He has black eyes framed by long lashes, silky black hair with slight curls, and the elegant, manicured hands of a musician. He wears tapered silk trousers, an elegantly cut coat, and a red laurel pin on his lapel to indicate his association with the Van Eck house.


Alys Van Eck[]

It is possible that Bajan had a secret romantic relationship with Alys, but it is never confirmed by either of them. He is very worried when she is kidnapped.

Inej Ghafa[]

Bajan was kind to Inej when they were together, but their friendship was never real; only a tactic from Van Eck. Inej later curses him.


  1. Crooked Kingdom, Chapter 4


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