Adem Bajan is a character from Six of Crows. He is Alys Van Eck's music teacher and he played a part in attending to Inej while she was imprisoned by Jan Van Eck.


Adem is Suli, with dark eyes, dark, silky hair and the elegant, manicured hands of a musician.


He uses his charm and lazy smile to try to trick Inej into revealing something useful to Van Eck, but he also lacks the resolve to do the right thing by Van Eck's prisoner, one of his own people.


Adem had been indentured to Jan Van Eck for six months as a music tutor for his wife, when Van Eck took Inej and ordered Adem to attend to her and try to get her to talk.

He seems overly fond of Alys Van Eck, despite the woman's lack of natural musical talent.

Crooked KingdomEdit

Three days after Inej is captured by Jan Van Eck, Kaz Brekker finds out that Adem Bajan, a young Suli man, has been seen coming and going to Eil Komedie at odd hours.

Inej notes that Bajan is always gentle when removing her blindfold and re-tying her hands in front of her so she can eat. Still, he does not help her in any meaningful way, and is properly shamed when Inej denounces him, telling him his ancestors will forsake him as he has forsaken Inej.


  • He plays the harp, pianoforte, and flute, and also gives voice lessons.


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