The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

"I cannot be anything other than what I am, and if my gifts can help people, then it's my duty to use them."
— Aditi Hilli, Crooked Kingdom

Aditi Hilli was a Zemeni Fabrikator, the wife of Colm Fahey, and the mother of Jesper Fahey.


Aditi was born and lived in Novyi Zem. When she married Colm Fahey—a Kaelish man who had courted her for a year before she paid him any attention—he bought her a jurda farm as a wedding present. They lived there and had a son, Jesper. She taught Jesper to ride a horse, clean a fish, and start a fire, among other things needed on the Zemeni frontier, but the most enduring skill she bestowed on her son was the ability to aim a bullet.

Aditi refused the term "Grisha", instead calling herself and her son "zowa", meaning "blessed". She used her power for household tasks and told Jesper not to mention it to Colm, since her husband often worried about her.

One night, she was called to help a little girl who had ingested poison. Aditi successfully drew the poison out using her power, but absorbed too much of the poison herself, slipped into unconsciousness, and later died. Jesper was seven years old at the time. Colm and Jesper buried Aditi under a cherry tree on the farm.

While discussing Grisha power and jurda parem with Kuwei Yul-Bo and Matthias Helvar on Black Veil Island, Jesper recalls his mother soaking jurda stalks in goat's milk and using it to counteract the stimulating effects of jurda pollen on small children, which eventually leads to the antidote to parem.

Personality and traits[]

Aditi had endless energy and took joy in everything. She loved spending time with her son and husband, and was gentle and kind and never refused to help people in need. She viewed her power as a gift and used it in her daily life, as well as to help others. Aditi was confident in herself and her identity as zowa.

Physical description[]

Aditi was incredibly tall, with dark, "plummy" brown skin.[1]



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