Aditi Hilli was a Zemeni Fabrikator. She was the wife of Colm Fahey and mother of Jesper Fahey. She died using her Grisha power, trying to save a little girl's life.


Aditi was very tall, with dark, "plummy" brown skin.[1]


She took joy in everything, and loved spending time with her son, Jesper. She viewed her Grisha abilities as a gift, and used them as part of her daily life, as well as helping others.


She was born and lived in Novyi Zem. When she married Colm Fahey—a Kaelish man who had courted her for a year before she paid him any attention—he bought her a jurda farm as a wedding present. They lived there and had a son, Jesper. She taught Jesper to ride a horse, clean a fish, and start a fire with only two sticks, among other things, but the most enduring skill she bestowed on her son was the ability to shoot straight under any condition.

One night, she was called to help a little girl who had ingested poison. She went, and successfully drew the poison out, but was then herself affected by the substance, and later died because of it. Jesper was seven years old at the time.

Crooked KingdomEdit

While discussing Grisha power and jurda parem with Kuwei Yul-Bo and Matthias Helvar, Jesper remembers growing up on his father's jurda farm, and his mother using her powers for household tasks. She had asked Jesper not to say anything about it to his father, saying it would worry him.


Memorable QuotesEdit


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