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The Grishaverse

"How can you be so relentlessly optimistic? It isn't healthy."
— Adrik Zhabin to Leoni Hilli, King of Scars

Adrik Zhabin is Nadia Zhabin's younger brother. Like his sister, he is Grisha and a Squaller. Adrik is the current representative for the Etherealki in the Grisha Triumvirate.


Adrik studied at the Little Palace's school for young Grisha.

Siege and Storm[]

When Alina Starkov evacuates the Grisha children from Os Alta, Adrik insists on staying, claiming that he's old enough to fight. Nadia agrees, saying that she doesn't want to be parted from her brother. Alina replies that it would be even more difficult to bury him, though she eventually agrees.[1]

Adrik is among the Grisha present when the Darkling attacks the Little Palace, and is one of the few to survive the battle. He follows Alina and the others to the White Cathedral.[2]

Ruin and Rising[]

Still looking to prove himself, Adrik goes with a group to the surface so he can help Malyen Oretsev and Alina find the firebird.[3] He develops a crush on Zoya Nazyalensky during the journey.[4] When the cavern caves in, Adrik makes an air bubble to save himself, Tolya Yul-Bataar, and Tamar Kir-Bataar from being crushed.[5]

As Mal and Alina leave to track the firebird, Adrik is furious at being left behind.[6] Later, when the Darkling attacks the Spinning Wheel, Adrik's arm is bitten off by a nichevo'ya. Tolya helps stabilize his condition and carries him from the Bittern.[7] Adrik is still able to summon with one arm,[8] and he survives the final battle in the Shadow Fold.[9]

King of Scars[]

Adrik arrives in Elling with Nina Zenik and Leoni Hilli to help fugitive Grisha escape Fjerda, working as part of the Hringsa. He brings a few Grisha to a cannery and onto the Verstoten, then agrees to head to Gäfvalle.[10]

In the river city, he and Leoni pose as a merchant couple, with Nina as their translator. After finding lodging in the convent, they investigate the factory.[11] Adrik goes with Nina to bury Matthias Helvar and shields her from the wind before taking the sledge back to camp.[12] When Nina finds him again and they return to the convent, he helps tend to Leoni, who had been poisoned from working with the polluted water. Adrik is reluctant to stay in Gäfvalle.[13]

Upon hearing that Nina snuck into the factory by herself, Adrik is furious, but Leoni persuades him to help save the Grisha imprisoned there. He sends word to the Hringsa network to secure a ship for them.[14] In the factory, he helps load the Grisha and their infants into the wagon.[15] However, the group is caught as they try to leave, and the explosives Nina hid in the factory explode, shattering the dam and bringing forth water filled with poison. Adrik directs the wave around the townspeople as Leoni extracts the poison. The two of them are hailed as new Saints.[16]

Adrik realizes that the dam exploding was part of Nina's plan, and immediately gives word to the Hringsa upon hearing of an assassination plan against Nikolai Lantsov.[17]

Rule of Wolves[]

Adrik goes with Nikolai on one of his flying ships to dampen the engine's noises as they fly over Nezkii, where they launch a surprise attack against the Fjerdans. He and Nadia push rubble aside to free Ravkan soldiers. Adrik tells Nikolai to shoot at the drugged Grisha, but Nikolai refuses, waiting instead for the Kerch to come to their rescue with antidote.[18] Adrik and Nadia remain at Nezkii for some time.[19]

Later, when Nikolai is accidentally shot down in the Sparrowhawk during weapons testing at Lazlayon, Adrik and Nadia summon wind to slow his descent. Adrik argues that Fjerda has the advantage in their war against Ravka.[20]

During Genya Safin and David Kostyk's wedding, Adrik and Nadia sing a Ravkan folk song in harmony, telling a story of the first firebird.[21]

Adrik also expresses doubt at Nikolai being able to retrieve enough titanium for Ravka's missiles.[22] However, he helps hide the Cormorant once it moors near Ketterdam, where Nikolai intends to steal the titanium from.[23] Adrik and Zoya create a storm to disguise the sounds of Nikolai and Kaz Brekker breaking into the titanium stores at Rentveer, then Adrik summons clouds to cover the ship when everyone is safely inside. However, he is shocked to discover that Nikolai has a demon inside him from the Darkling's attack before the Shadow Fold was destroyed.[24] Adrik avoids Nikolai until the king tells him that he controls the demon, not the Darkling.[25]

Adrik commands the Sun Soldiers at Arkesk to flood the fields with light. He then helps guide Ravka's missiles toward Fjerdan troops.[26] After Zoya is crowned queen, Adrik takes her place as Etherealki representative of the Grisha Triumvirate.[27]

Personality and traits[]

"I've been shot, stabbed, bayoneted, and had my arm torn off by a shadow demon. It’s done nothing for my disposition."
— Adrik to Leoni, King of Scars

As a student, Adrik is stubborn, determined, and eager to fight.[1] He always looks for a way to prove himself[3] and is very loyal.[28] After losing his arm, Adrik pushes through the pain,[7] although he refuses to admit he needs help.[29] However, he later becomes known for being glum and morose.[10] Adrik advises against taking risks, even when it could mean rescuing others, and often has a negative outlook on situations.[13][18]

Physical description[]

"He had sandy hair and a boyish freckled face, and he was the human equivalent of a head cold."
— Description of Adrik, Rule of Wolves

Adrik has bony elbows and sandy, messy hair when he first approaches Alina.[1] Later, he develops a defeated expression that he maintains at all times. He also has a pale face and golden freckles,[10] as well as green eyes and a wiry frame.[18]

Powers and abilities[]

As a Squaller, Adrik has the ability to manipulate air. He is able to control his power one-handed after losing an arm in battle.[8] Adrik can also speak limited Fjerdan without a Ravkan accent.[10]


Nadia Zhabin[]

As Adrik's older sister, Nadia is protective of her brother, but she agrees to let him fight.[1] She fusses over him constantly after he loses his arm.[8] However, they often work together to command the Squallers.[18]

Zoya Nazyalensky[]

Adrik develops a crush on Zoya Nazyalensky as they travel beneath the tunnels, wanting to be close to her despite her attempts to escape him.[4] However, after he loses his arm, he comes to appreciate her taunting him. She treats him the same rather than giving him pity like his sister does.[12]

Leoni Hilli[]

Adrik is initially put off by Leoni's unending optimism,[10] although the two begin to fall for each other through banter and compliments.[11] Adrik becomes concerned for her and unsuccessfully pretends to be indifferent when Nina says that Leoni likes him.[12] They later sit together at David Kostyk's funeral and in the sitting room afterward,[22] then hold hands during Zoya's coronation.



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