The Grishaverse

Adrik Zhabin is the younger brother of Nadia. Like his sister, he is Grisha and a Squaller. He is the current representative for the Etherealki in the Grisha Triumvirate.


Adrik studied at the Little Palace's school for young Grisha.

Siege and Storm[]

When Alina Starkov evacuates the Grisha children from Os Alta, Adrik insists on staying, claiming that he's old enough to fight. Nadia agrees, saying that she doesn't want to be parted from her brother. Alina replies that it would be even more difficult to bury him, though she eventually agrees.

Adrik is among the Grisha present when the Darkling attacks the Little Palace, and is one of the few to survive the battle. He follows Alina and the others to the White Cathedral.

Ruin and Rising[]

When the Darkling attacks Nikolai's mountain encampment, Adrik loses his arm in battle.

Despite losing his arm he is still able to summon, and also survives the final battle on the fold.

King of Scars[]

Adrik leads a mission with Nina and Leoni in Fjerda to find more Grisha and get them out of Fjerda and to Ravka. He and Leoni pose as a merchant couple trying to sell rifles, although in real life they are also developing feelings for each other. As the leader of their mission, he takes issues with some of Nina's impulsive actions, although he proves to be pivotal in Nina's plot to get the Grisha out of Gäfvalle.