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Alys Van Eck is the wife of Jan Van Eck and stepmother of Wylan Van Eck.


Alys' parents had her marry Jan Van Eck because of his status and wealth.[1] Around Alys, Jan behaved kindly, generously, and patiently. Wylan Van Eck found her nice, but their relationship was awkward because Alys was only a few years older than him and he felt uncomfortable calling her his stepmother.[2] When Wylan said goodbye to Alys, she told him she was pregnant.[3]

After Wylan's departure from the household, Adem Bajan became indentured to Van Eck to teach Alys piano and voice lessons.[4] The two like each other romantically, though the extent of their relationship is unclear.

Six of Crows[]

Van Eck mentions Alys, unnamed, in his conversation with Kaz Brekker and his crew on Vellgeluk, where he brags that his wife is carrying his heir.[5]

Crooked Kingdom[]

Matthias Helvar, Nina Zenik, Jesper Fahey, and Wylan kidnap Alys from Van Eck's lake house to use her as leverage against Van Eck.[6] Initially, Alys is docile and unconcerned, but when they bind and blindfold her, she begins to cry loudly. The Crows give her some of Nina's cookies to shut her up, but Alys is impossible to keep quiet. She cries, then sings, to the great annoyance of the Crows. Alys comes to no harm, though she is frightened by the experience.[7]

At noon the next day, Kaz takes Alys to Goedmedbridge to exchange her for Inej Ghafa. On the bridge, she tells Kaz that her husband is too old, but that it matters more that he is rich. To ensure she is actually Alys and not tailored, Van Eck asks her what they plan to name their child. Van Eck embraces Alys, and his guards lead her away to safety.[8]

Alys is seated in the western balcony of the Church of Barter for Kuwei Yul-Bo's auction. Van Eck asks her to testify that Kaz Brekker kidnapped her, but Alys was blindfolded and did not see Kaz until he led her from the market square to Goedmedbridge.[9] After the chaos of the auction, Alys sits with Wylan and Jesper in the church, guarded by stadwatch, and watches the Merchant Council argue.

When Jan Van Eck is arrested, Alys worries and Wylan attempts to reassure her. Kaz suggests Alys wait out the conflict and the (fake) plague at the lake house. Alys is concerned about leaving her husband, but when she realizes she can spend more time with Bajan this way, she agrees to leave the city.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Alys is vapid and silly but seems to have a good heart. Like most of the Kerch upper class, Alys considers money to be the most important thing. She greatly enjoys singing, likes doing her hair, and owns a dog[7] and several parakeets.[8]

Physical description[]

Alys is young and pretty, only a few years older than her stepson Wylan. She has "milk-white hair and dumpling hands" and a small nose.[8]


  • It's presumed that Alys is a soprano.


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