The Grishaverse

Amplifiers are animals, humans, or any of their physical remains that increase a Grisha's power.


Amplifiers usually consist of bones, scales, or teeth as the animals must be killed first in order to obtain their ability to increase power. This power is only available to the individual who killed them. The part of the animal that was used for the amplifier was usually sturdy enough to last for the entire Grisha's life, as they would wear it constantly; the usual amplifier would be a bracelet or a necklace. These could not be removed, but they were not fused with the Grisha's body.

Grisha are only able to use one amplifier. The only known exceptions to this were Alina Starkov and Zoya Nazyalensky.

Some Grisha can also be born as living amplifiers, able to magnify the power of other Grisha with just a touch. Living amplifiers are rare. They also have the ability to detect Grisha power in a person through touch. However, a Grisha wishing to hide their power can block this ability with a layer of paraffin wax between themselves and the amplifier.[1]

Only the Darkling's most favored Grisha possessed amplifiers.

According to Juris, in ancient times Grisha would let their amplifiers kill them while they killed their amplifiers which was the proper way to make an amplifier. This way not only made more powerful amplifiers but also granted the Grisha the ability to transform into the species of their amplifiers as the two become one.

Known amplifiers[]

Regular amplifiers[]

Amplifier Owner
Dragon scales from Juris Zoya Nazyalensky
Kestrel feathers Genya Safin
Morozova's collar Alina Starkov
Sea whip's fetter Alina Starkov
Shark Teeth Tolya Yul-Bataar and Tamar Kir-Bataar
Sherborn bear claw Ivan
Northern seal tooth Marie
White tiger tooth Zoya Nazyalensky
Swarm of bees Elizaveta
Bear skin Grigori

Living amplifiers[]

Known amplifiers (TV)[]

Regular amplifiers[]

Amplifier Owner Image
Morozova's collar embedded on her collarbone Alina Starkov Alina amplifier Netflix.png
Sherborn bear claw on the back of his hand Ivan Ivan amplifier Netflix.jpg
White tiger tooth on her wrist Zoya Nazyalensky Zoya amplifier Netflix.jpg

Living amplifiers[]


  • There are differences in the mechanics of harnessing the power of an amplifier in the books and in the show. In the books, it's explained that the amplifier belongs to the person who killed the animal, so the Darkling only needs to fuse the ends of the antler's necklace around Alina's neck to control her amplified powers. However, in the show, Kirigan makes sure that a Fabrikator fuses the antlers with Alina's collarbones at the same time as he gets a round slice of antler fused on the back of his hand. That way, the amplifier becomes one with Alina, and the Darkling, through his tether, can puppeteer both of them. In the books Alina only had to realize that the Stag had chosen her to take back control of her own body, but the show establishes a much more physical connection between the Darkling and the amplifier, she has to cut the antler out of his hand to be completely free, at which point her body completely absorbs the antler necklace that was poking out of her skin, and Kirigan loses all power over her and her amplifier.