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Anika is a member of the Dregs. She is loyal to Kaz Brekker rather than Per Haskell.


Six of Crows[]

Anika is one of the Dregs who gather at the eastern entrance to the Exchange while Kaz parleys with Geels from the Black Tips. When Kaz returns to the Slat later, Anika tells him she heard a rumor that the Black Tips are already planning to move against the Dregs. Kaz tells her to go back to work at the Crow Club, and she scurries off.

Crooked Kingdom[]

Like the other kids Kaz brought into the gang, Anika disapproves of Per Haskell and the Dregs betraying Kaz in favor of the reward from Pekka Rollins and Jan Van Eck. When the Dregs beat Kaz on the stairs, Anika and Keeg yell at them to stop. Anika is the first to agree with Kaz when he tells the Dregs that siding with Rollins is not safe. Per Haskell makes a last-ditch attempt to keep control of the gang and inform Rollins of Kaz's coup, but Anika stops him at the door. She challenges the rest of the Dregs, brandishing a long knife and asking, "You a Dime Lion? Or are you Dregs?"

Anika and Pim accompany a wounded Kaz to the rest of the Crows at the Geldrenner Hotel, where Kaz outlines his plan to swindle the Merchant Council by making them invest in a false fund. Dressed in stadwatch uniforms, Anika and Pim stop the messengers of Cornelis Smeet to search their bags. In reality, they plant documents to entice Karl Dryden to come to the Geldrenner to invest in the fund. Anika signals to Nina Zenik when the merchants arrive at the Geldrenner for Jesper Fahey's presentation on Zemeni oil futures.

On the day of Kuwei Yul-Bo's auction, Anika and Keeg, disguised as deputized members of the Dime Lions on Kaz's orders, kidnap Wylan Van Eck and take him to one of the chapels in the Church of Barter. She holds up Wylan while Keeg beats him until Wylan tells Jan Van Eck part of Kaz's scheme for the auction.

Three weeks after the auction, Anika gives Kaz—now the leader of the Dregs—a report on the earnings at the Crow Club and the status of tourist traffic on East Stave. She later delivers him a letter sealed with the Lantsov double eagle. Anika and Pim hang out at the Slat until Kaz orders them both to get out and draw in customers to the Crow Club.

Personality and traits[]

Anika is sly and enjoys hinting at Kaz's unusual relationships.[1] She is confident and considers herself a friend of Kaz.[2]

Physical description[]

Anika has a crop of yellow hair that is shaved on half her head. She bears the Dregs' crow-and-cup tattoo and dresses in Barrel flash, including striped trousers.


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