Anya was a Grisha Healer indentured to Councilman Hoede. She was one of the humans tested to observe the effects of Jurda Parem on Grisha.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Anya had brown eyes and pale skin. She was a kind and cautious woman, however, after consuming the drug she became more reckless and aggressive, still keeping some traits of her old behaviour, taking care of the endangered kid in front of her, and trying to avoid him to behold Hoede cutting his own thumb.

Six of CrowsEdit

Anya, indentured to Councilman Hoede, is summoned to participate in an experiment, attended by the captain of the stadwatch and several other guards. One of the guards cuts a young boy's arm, and they order Anya to heal him, which she does. Then they repeat the process, only this time Anya is ordered to consume an unidentified powder. She determines that it tastes like jurda, but sweeter.

Suddenly a change comes over Anya, and she heals the boy's arm without touching him. She orders one of the guards to shoot out the window, and the guard obeys. Anya then sings to the boy what Joost assumes to be a Ravkan lullaby, before she orders Hoede to pick up the knife. Days later, Jan Van Eck explains to Kaz Brekker that she had ordered Hoede to cut off his own thumb, then to "wait" along with the other guards, leaving them all in a catatonic state. With no will to move or feed themselves, one by one they drop dead.

About a week later, her body was found washed up near Third Harbor. According to Jan Van Eck, she had procured a small boat, but they guess that she had turned back to return to Kerch in search of more of the highly addictive jurda parem.

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