The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

Anya was a Healer indentured to Councilman Hoede. She was experimented upon by Hoede and Jan Van Eck so that they could observe the effects of jurda parem on Grisha.


When Joost Van Poel began working at Councilman Hoede's house, Anya healed a bruise on his cheek. Joost, now in love with Anya, brought her gifts which she enjoyed.

Hoede takes Anya to his boathouse and into a huge box that resembles a freestanding cell. With her is a young boy, and Hoede, Jan Van Eck, Henrik Dahlman (the captain of the stadwatch), and a group of guards including Joost watch the experiment. Hoede orders one of the guards to enter the cell, cut the boy's arm, and have Anya heal it. Then Anya is made to take jurda parem—she is frightened, but must obey Hoede. The drug immediately takes effect, causing her to become calmer. Again the guard cuts the boy's arm and has Anya heal it, but her power is significantly strengthened and she does not need to touch the boy to heal him. With an eerie smile, Anya says that using her power now feels like magic.

Hoede tells the guard to cut off the boy's thumb, but before he can do so, Anya orders the guard to shoot out the window using the mind control she develops from taking parem. The guard obeys her. Anya tells everyone to "wait" when they try to stop her, which results in the guards, including Joost, going into a trance-like state until they eventually die. Anya picks up the boy and sings a Ravkan lullaby to calm him. She then orders Hoede to enter the cell, pick up the knife, and cut off his own thumb. Anya then escapes from the cell.

Days later, Jan Van Eck explains to Kaz Brekker the effects of jurda parem by showing him what Anya left behind. The guards remain in their catatonic state; with no will to move or feed themselves because Anya only told them to wait, they are dropping dead one by one. Van Eck tells Kaz that while Anya may have been trying to return to Ravka after escaping the cell, her body washed up two days ago near Third Harbor. She likely drowned trying to return Ketterdam in search of more parem, as even one dose leaves a Grisha weak and addicted.

Personality and traits[]

Anya was a kind and cautious woman with a sweet disposition. After consuming jurda parem, she became more aggressive but still kept traits of her old behavior, such as protecting the young boy she was made to heal.

Physical description[]

Anya had brown eyes and pale skin. She wore red silk.


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