The Grishaverse

Baba Anezka was an ancient Fabrikator who made mirrors. She lived high in the Petrazoi.


Duke Luchova of Velisyana set a task to the suitors of his daughter: return with a mirror made by Baba Anezka and earn Yeva's hand in marriage. The river carried Semyon the Ragged through the water and up the mountains to Baba Anezka's cave. He did not have money to pay the witch, but the river entered her home before she could close the door on Semyon.

Baba Anezka followed the river through a hidden path in the mountain to a shallow valley. In the center of the valley was a round pool of water with such a perfect reflection that it could be a mirror. Baba Anezka declared it a fair trade and handed Semyon one of her finest mirrors. She emphasized that the gift was for the river, but Semyon ignored her and returned to Velisyana.[1]

As a young boy, the Darkling and Baghra met Baba Anezka in her cave of mirrors during their travels.[2]

Physical description[]

Baba Anezka had unblinking golden eyes and straight, sharp teeth.[1]