The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

"I'll tell you a story – one I used to tell a little boy with dark hair, a silent boy who rarely laughed, who listened more closely than I realized. A boy who had a name and not a title."
— Baghra to Alina Starkov, Ruin and Rising

Baghra was the daughter of Ilya Morozova and the mother of The Darkling. She was a living amplifier and, like her son, was also able to summon darkness.


Early life[]

Baghra is the daughter of Ilya Morozova, a famous and powerful Grisha who created three amplifiers and worked as a carpenter in the local village. Since early childhood, Baghra had a unique power of summoning darkness, which led to her otkazat'sya mother thinking of her daughter as a monster and favoring her younger daughter. One day, out of jealousy and loneliness, Baghra killed her sister with the Cut.

Their father, Morozova, desperate to save his child, reanimated the child back to life, inadvertently making her the third Morozova Amplifier. The villagers, however, took it as witchcraft and attempted to murder both Ilya and the girl brought back to life. The moment the two of them were being drowned by the people was the last time Baghra had seen her father.

Many years later, Baghra and an unknown, powerful Heartrender conceived a child who would become the Darkling. Baghra named her son Aleksander, though, since they had to live in secrecy, it's doubtful anyone other than her called him that.

Shadow and Bone[]

Baghra is a tough teacher on Alina Starkov, the newly discovered Sun Summoner, but it turns out that she does so to make Alina strong enough to defend herself. After the Winter Fete, Alina learns that Baghra is, in fact, the Darkling's mother. Baghra reveals the Darkling's master plan, which involves binding Alina to him with the stag's antlers, and she convinces Alina to flee the palace.

When Alina is captured with Mal, she's worried about Baghra once the Darkling informs her that he knows who helped her escape. He says she is in isolation, but Alina fears that she has been killed, which the Darkling laughs at.

Siege and Storm[]

The Darkling leaves Baghra blind as punishment for helping Alina escape. Baghra is angry with Alina, arguing that she was supposed to disappear in the wild and never come back, not seek the stag, and get caught by the Darkling. Baghra claims that her son is now beyond redemption because of Alina's foolishness, and refuses to speak to her.

Baghra boards the Kingfisher with the royal family, as Alina requested of Nikolai. She is taken to a safe place in West Ravka along with her servant boy, Misha.

Ruin and Rising[]

Alina is made aware that Baghra is still alive and well, and is under the care of Nikolai at the Monastery of Sankt Demyan of the Rime, a pilgrimage site turned into an observatory a few hundred years ago, where the rest of the survivors are, including King and the Queen. She teaches Alina to use the Cut to slice off the top of a mountain range and reaffirms Alina of her power. During this conversation, she tells Alina her whole story. She was Morozova's first daughter, and that she was never accepted due to the darkness she summoned, a rare and unidentified power. She tells Alina that she brought up her son Aleksander (the Darkling) with pride (second to no one and in no need of anyone) and ambition, which she admits was a mistake.

During the Darkling's attack on their hiding place, Baghra jumps off the side of the mountain as a distraction. Due to her sacrifice, Alina, Mal, and some others manage to escape to look for the firebird.

Her death is presumed from that moment on, but it is never confirmed whether she actually died by jumping off the cliff.

Personality and traits[]

Baghra is temperamental and will act if she feels threatened.

She learned to be independent from a young age. She has mentioned how her father never cared for her, and her mother preferred her sister. As a young child she had trouble controlling her emotions and her powers, one time her mother gave her toy to her younger sister, Baghra sliced her sister in half with the Cut.

Physical description[]

Baghra has black hair. Her eyes were not been removed by the Darkling, but they were "clouded" by the living shadow of the Fold which caused her to become blind.[2]

Powers and abilities[]

Grisha powers[]

As a Shadow Summoner, Baghra was able to summon and control darkness and shadows. She could use the Cut, a lethal ability that uses shadows or darkness to create a slicing effect on the target.


The Darkling[]

"Know that I loved you. Know that it was not enough."
— Baghra to the Darkling, Ruin and Rising