The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

Baghra is a teacher at the Little Palace and The Darkling's mother.


Creation of the Shadow Fold[]

Many centuries ago, when her son was known as the Black Heretic, the Grisha were under attack by the reigning king, his soldiers sweeping west. Baghra blamed the Darkling for making the King afraid. In response, he sought to make the Grisha fear him. However, the Darkling reminded Baghra that she taught him how to kill, meaning in his eyes, their blood is on her hands as much as his own. In fear of what would follow, Baghra urged him to flee west to Kerch and wait for the King to die. Then he could return under a new identity and make peace with the new King. However, the Darkling refused to run while Grisha were being executed. He sought to build an army, but with so few of them actually knowing for to fight, as pointed out by Baghra, the Darkling decided he would make a new army as Morozova did by forging new life to amplify their power using merzost.

Despite his mother’s warning, the Darkling sought out Morozova’s journals and used merzost to turn the King’s men into his own army, unintentionally creating the Fold in the process.[1]

Training the Sun Summoner[]

Baghra trains Alina hoping to teach her how to harness her abilities. She cannot begin to fathom why a Sun Summoner would waste their time training with Botkin as Alina has and then asks Alina about her childhood, primarily where her parents are and where she grew up. Baghra then asks Alina where she belongs, but Alina isn't necessarily sure. She can't even summon the sun without General Kirigan, who is a human amplifier, clutching her wrist. Everyone believes that Alina is their savior. Baghra tells her not to return until she believes it as well.[2]

Baghra whacks Alina on the arm with a stick each time she fails to summon light. The one time she manages to do so it manifests as a minuscule orb of light, which isn't nearly enough to destroy the Fold.

Still struggling to summon the smallest bit of light on her own, Alina suggests they find her an amplifier, but Baghra argues that the use of amplifiers are a barbaric and lazy practice. Instead, she utilizes Alina's own rage to push her to summon light. Baghra's tea then begins to take effect, and Alina finds herself back at the orphanage with Mal being tested by Grisha examiners. Fearful that she'd be separated from Mal should she happen to be Grisha, Alina had cut the palm of her hand in order to deceive the examiners. Baghra questions who Alina is holding back for and encourages her to bring forth the light, but still she struggles.

The following day, Alina returns after having let go of whatever was holding her back and summons the light. "Good girl," Baghra replies. "Now the work begins."[3]

Saving Alina from the Darkling[]

During the Winter Fete, Baghra is informed by a Durast guard, that a tracker arrived, and found Morozova's Stag. Disturb by this news, she asks to see the tracker, but was told he already went to see General Kirigan. Instead, Baghra orders the guard to kill the tracker.

Baghra enters General Kirigan's room through a secret door and tells Alina that she must leave the Little Palace immediately, as General Kirigan is actually the Black Heretic and he intends to expand the Fold and use it as a weapon. She also reveals that he is her son and that she too is a Shadow Summoner. The Darkling tried creating his own army using merzost, which resulted in the creation of the Fold, as well as the volcra, who were once human that were corrupted by the darkness. Baghra leads Alina down a secret passageway and tells her to wait for allies.

Baghra confronts General Kirigan in the courtyard and reveals that she's disposed of his tracker in order to prevent him from finding Morozova's Stag. Baghra knows his true intentions to manipulate Alina into helping him expand the Fold.[4]

Personality and traits[]

In her old age, Baghra has become impatient and very direct. And while her methods may be cruel or unorthodox, she is an exceptional teacher who has taught many of the students at Little Palace to master their abilities.

Physical description[]

Baghra is an elderly woman with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Powers and abilities[]

Much like her son, Baghra is a Shadow Summoner and skilled teacher at the Little Palace who has taught many of the students how to harness their powers.


The Darkling[]

The Darkling is Baghra's son, who she loves dearly and has advised for centuries in hopes of making him strong but is not blind to his obsessive hunger for power.


Season 1[]



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