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The Grishaverse

Beatle was a member of the Dregs.


Beatle was not one of the few Dreg members who stayed loyal to Kaz. He was the ninth to attack Kaz. He tossed Kaz's cane to Per Haskell when Kaz dropped it. Beatle fought with a cudgel and shoved it into Kaz's gut. Later, when Kaz began to rise, Beatle kicked him back down and later in the ribs. When Kaz began to win the fight, Beatle raised his hands in surrender, completely forgetting that Kaz was unarmed and he had a cudgel. Kaz then grabbed a fistful of Beatle's hair and cracked his head against a banister.

Physical description[]

Beatle's hair was described as oily. There was enough of it that Kaz could grab a fistful of it. He was lean as a ferret and had the face of one too.



  • His name is pronounced as bee-tuhl.[1]


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