The Grishaverse

The Black Tips are a gang in Ketterdam. Members bear the tattoo of a hand with the first and second fingers cut off. They are "a small operation."[1]


After Big Bolliger began working as a double agent, the Black Tips encroached on Fifth Harbor, which was the domain of the Dregs, for weeks. They drew tourists away from Dregs establishments and intercepted a large shipment of jurda.

Six of Crows[]

The Black Tips parley with the Dregs at the Exchange to discuss the Fifth Harbor territory. While Geels and his seconds, Elzinger and Oomen, enter the square, other members of the gang wait outside the western entrance. Geels nearly emptied the gang's coffers to bribe two stadwatch guards during the parley, though Kaz Brekker emerges victorious anyway.

Pekka Rollins hires the Black Tips to sabotage the Ferolind and ambush the Dregs who try to leave the harbor. Geels also recruited some Razorgulls to help. After Oomen stabs Inej Ghafa, Kaz kills "a lot" of Black Tips in revenge.[2]

Crooked Kingdom[]

The Black Tips, along with every other Barrel gang, are deputized by the stadwatch as part of Jan Van Eck's city-wide manhunt for Kaz. They join the parade of gangs across the city.

Known members[]


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