The Grishaverse

The border wars are a series of conflicts between Ravka and its bordering nations, Shu Han and Fjerda. They have been ongoing for centuries. According to Yuri Vedenen, the wars date back to Ravkan unification under Yaromir the Determined, and likely go back even further.

Borders, territories, and alliances shift over time with various gains and losses. By the beginning of Shadow and Bone in particular, Ravka is in a vulnerable situation due to a combination of obsolete strategy and a failure to innovate, the Shadow Fold weakening the economy, and Ravka's enemies keen to take advantage. The conflicts have left many children orphaned and spouses widowed.

The conflicts are assumed to have ended once Nikolai Lantsov took the throne.[1]


  • There is some question about the legitimacy of these wars.


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