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Cornelis Smeet is a lawyer in Ketterdam who represents several members of the Merchant Council, including Jan Van Eck and Karl Dryden.


Smeet is the attorney and property manager for half the Merchant Council, including Jan Van Eck, Karl Dryden, and Naten Boreg. His house is guarded by a pack of large hounds, which Smeet walks himself; he lets his daughter, Hanna, name the dogs. Every morning, Smeet buys cuts of meat for the pack.

Crooked Kingdom[]

Once a week, Smeet plays high-stakes Three Man Bramble on East Stave. Kaz Brekker orchestrates a plan to break into Smeet's house, which necessitates keeping Smeet out of his house and at Club Cumulus from eight bells until midnight. Smeet plays Three Man Bramble against Jesper Fahey and others while Nina Zenik provides his blonde companion. Even after Kaz, the first dealer for the game, leaves, Smeet is incited to continue playing when Jesper wagers his pearl-handled Zemeni revolvers, which Smeet had taken an interest in.[1]

After midnight, Smeet returns home to the Zelver district and runs into a young man. Smeet does not recognize Kaz Brekker, and when Kaz returns his dropped wallet, Smeet gives Kaz a five-kruge bill. He re-enters his home, none the wiser about the break-in that just occurred.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Smeet is respectable and scrupulous. He never cheats at cards or on his wife, but once a week he indulges himself by visiting the Barrel for a game of cards and the attentions of an attractive blonde. Between his weekly card games and his daily dog walks, Smeet seems to keep to a very regular schedule.

Smeet is self-confident and proud of the extent of his knowledge regarding cards and guns. He also disapproves of foreigners working at the high-stakes gambling parlors.[1]

Physical description[]

Smeet is nearly bald and often wears a hat. He also has a portly build.[2]



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