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Corporalki, (singular: Corporalnik) or the Order of the Living and the Dead, are Grisha whose power focuses on the human body. The Order is divided into three groups: Heartrenders, Healers, and Tailors.[1] In the Second Army, they wear crimson colored kefta.


Corpsewitches and Tailors are also technically Corporalki, though only through recent laws. The first Tailor was Genya Safin, who served the Queen of Ravka before the Ravkan civil war wherein she was maimed. Tailoring is now taught to all Second Army Corporalki, and to a special group of Tailors.

Corpsewitches are extremely rare; the only known Corpsewitch in history is Nina Zenik, a former Heartrender and the only known survivor of the drug jurda parem. After her experience with parem, her power was changed from manipulating living human cells to dead ones.

After the events of the Shadow and Bone trilogy, the Corporalki are led and represented by Genya Safin in the Grisha Triumvirate.


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Heartrenders are one of the most feared Grisha types and were considered the most valuable soldiers in the Second Army under the Darkling's rule. Their ability and training allows them to manipulate the body of another person to cause harm. For example, a Heartrender can stop a human's heart or prevent air from entering their lungs. However, a Heartrender's power can be altered after surviving jurda parem, which happens to Nina Zenik. Her powers changed from controlling living bodies to controlling the dead.

Known Heartrenders[]


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Healers utilize their ability to manipulate the human body in order to heal wounds and injuries. 

Known Healers[]


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Tailors were not officially considered Corporalki, despite their ability to alter human appearances, until Genya Safin completed a mission for the Darkling and later became a member of the Grisha Triumvirate. Under the leadership of the Triumvirate, all Corporalki are taught some skill of Tailoring in school.

Ravkan Corporalki[]

Corporalki in the Second Army are considered the most valuable soldiers, consequently making them the highest-ranked Grisha Order under the leadership of the Darkling. At the Little Palace, all Corporalki spend their first two years of education in common training before branching off to become either Heartrenders or Healers, depending on each individual's choice.


  • The word Corporalki comes from the latin word corpus, which means body.