Count Kirigin is the young man involved in the projects at Lazlayon, using his reputation and lavish parties to cover up the experiments being done under his mansion.

The mansion while named Lazlayon-- the Gilded Hallow, there is so much fog that it was nicknamed the Gilded Bog.

Appearance and Personality

Kirigin is described as having orange hair arranged in a sleek coiffure. He is commonly described as dressing absurdly. On one occasion, he was wearing a violet coat with gold brocade.

Kirigin's reputation is a very aloof one. Many neighboring nobles call him wasteful and obscene. They also believe he is trying to be close to the capital to earn favor with the king and old families, possibly even to marry. An invitation to one of his parties is always of interest to the nobles. Kirigin curated his name to wealth and buffoonery, and continues to do so as Nikolai believes sometimes he takes his role too seriously.

In actuality, Kirigin is a bit of a rake, but very loyal to the crown. He is said to have a lack of ambition. Nikolai sympathizes with Kirigin's shame in his father's actions and wish to set things right.

Kirigin is very interested in Commander Nazyalensky, looking for her when the king arrives. It is said that he crushes on her in an almost schoolboy like manner, wishing to find her softer interior amidst her cold demeanor.

King of Scars

Due to Kirigin's father earning his fortune through the selling of arms and secrets to Ravka's enemies, in order to keep his title and keep his father out of jail, Kirigin pledged money and fealty to the crown. Before the Ravkan Civil War, the young Kirigin served with Nikolai in Halmhend. Now, Nikolai asks Kirigin to spend wildly, live decadently, and maintain a reputation as a social climber. To do so, he throws lavish parties and does his best to buy into the most renowned noble houses he can. After all his social climbing and reputation building, Kirigin bought a chunk of land east of Os Alta and claimed to commission a Zemeni architect to design his new pleasure palace, hire a team of men to dig out a 'one' mile wine cellar, create a lake that takes days to cross by boat, and take up hot air ballooning that no one was surprised. The many guests of Kirigin include the King who occasionally visits to ride, hunt, or taste his excellent wines.

In reality, Kirigin's five mile wine cellar houses the Ravkan epicenter of weapons development. The man-made lake is used for testing under sea craft and naval warfare. The fog around the lake is used to hide these tests from prying eyes of other people or countries. The meadow is for aircraft, and elaborate gardens hide the long runway. Fireworks are often used to disguise the sound of gunfire and shelling. Furthermore, the Gilded Bog was designed by Nikolai Lantsov and Kirigin paid for the construction. While Nikolai occasionally visits for the facade of the Gilded Hollow, he more often visits through private entrances to see the progress of his many projects.

Rule of Wolves


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