The Crow Club is a gambling house run by Kaz Brekker in Ketterdam's pleasure district, the Barrel. It is located on East Stave near The Slat. Though the Dregs run the Club, legitimate business men and shopkeepers own shares in the Club, which enabled the Dregs to purchase and renovate the building. Kaz Brekker briefly sold his shares to Pekka Rollins.

The Club has a black and red facade, a portico with black columns, and an oxidized silver crow with its wings spread above the entrance. The interior of the Club consists of a main hall with card tables and the like and several private gambling parlors, garbed in black and red. The card tables are circular and draped in crimson cloth decorated with a repeating pattern of black Crows. The walls are coated in black lacquer. The Club, like most gambling halls in the Barrel, is windowless to prevent customers from observing the passage of time, leading them to spend more time there.

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