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"I...I don't understand half of what goes on around me. I don't get jokes or sunsets or poetry, but I know metal. Beauty was your armor. Fragile stuff, all show. But what's inside you? That's steel. It's brave and unbreakable. And it doesn't need fixing."
— David Kostyk to Genya, Ruin and Rising

David Kostyk was a Durast and a member of the Grisha Triumvirate.


Shadow and Bone[]

David first appeared when Genya Safin took Alina Starkov to the workshops to pick up her glass discs. He was either unaware of Genya's crush or uninterested because he never acknowledged her presence.[1] David was a skilled Fabrikator and the Darkling used him to create the collar for Alina out of the Morozova's stag's antlers.

Later, David admitted that he felt bad about creating the collar, and Alina told Genya to let him know she forgave him.

Siege and Storm[]

When Alina Starkov returned to the Little Palace, David mostly ignored her, as he felt extremely guilty for making Morozova's collar. Alina cornered him in the workshops, and he told her about his idea for the large dishes. David and Nikolai Lantsov worked together on the dishes and the repair of the Hummingbird. Alina cornered him again and asked about Morozova's journals. During the Darkling's attack, he attempted to use the remaining dish, but it didn't work. When the Darkling revealed Genya, David rushed over to her, and they went with the other Grisha to the White Cathedral.

Ruin and Rising[]

When Alina was stuck in the White Cathedral, he created a salve to help heal Genya's wounds as well as searched Morozova's journals in hopes of finding any clues to lead the dozen living Grisha and company to the firebird.

Every morning in the White Cathedral, he also helped the Apparat in his morning prayer ceremonies by controlling Inferni flame through a smaller dish crafted from salvaged glass.

Contrary to Genya, David was present for the final battle at the Shadow Fold.

King of Scars[]

At some point after the battle, David and Genya were wed on a trip to Ketterdam.[2] As part of his work in the Triumvirate, David fashioned a mechanical arm for Adrik Zhabin,[3] as well as rigged a special lock to secure Nikolai in his bed and prevent the demon from escaping.[4] He also worked with Kuwei Yul-Bo and other Fabrikators to create an antidote for jurda parem.[5]

Nikolai finds David in Lazlayon, working on the izmars'ya blueprints.[6] David is later present at a meeting with Nikolai and the rest of the Triumvirate, where he mentions that it should be impossible for the Darkling's power to have gained strength. He glumly considers the prospect of a large event Nikolai suggests to bring each country's representatives together.[4]

After Yuri Vedenen refers to the Darkling's actions as a blessing, David threatens to kill him if he upsets Genya again.[7] David and Genya concoct a new way to knock Nikolai out at night and revive him in the morning. David also shows reluctance at Genya's decision travel to the Fold alongside the king, but lets her go.[8] He offers his thoughts when Genya tailors Isaak Andreyev to resemble Nikolai,[9] and investigates the poison used in an assassination attempt on the king.[10]

David and Genya plan the intentionally disastrous izmars'ya performance, engineering the ship's missile to hit a sailboat mast, and David is swung around by Tolya Yul-Bataar after its success.[11] Later, he becomes concerned after the Fjerdans declare for Vadik Demidov and suggests having the Apparat killed.[12]

Rule of Wolves[]

"David saw things no one else did. He saw through the world to the mysteries on the other side. I know that he's gone on to solve those mysteries."
— Nikolai during David's funeral, Rule of Wolves

After the Tavgharad tries to kill Ehri Kir-Taban, David works on calculations in Zoya Nazyalensky's sitting room.[13] Later, David sits in the Materialki workshops with Genya as they discuss the obisbaya ritual with Zoya. He recommends Leoni Hilli for raising the thorn wood.[14] Shortly afterward, Nikolai Lantsov arrives in Lazlayon via flying ship while David is in the middle of weapons testing, and David accidentally hits him. They then consider the rockets and realize that they need more titanium for their plan to be functional.[15]

David and Genya officially marry in the presence of Makhi Kir-Taban, who was under the impression that she would be witnessing Nikolai and Ehri's wedding instead.[2] During the dance following the wedding, David rushes off to write down an idea. However, the palace is suddenly bombed by Fjerdans[16] and David's body is found in the rubble. Many Grisha, palace guards, ordinary soldiers, and Nolniki attend his funeral. Nikolai, Genya, and Zoya all speak to honor David's memory, then Genya burns David's journal on his pyre.[17]

Personality and traits[]

He was a rather quiet Durast who enjoyed using his Grisha talents of manipulating metal and paid little attention to anything outside his work.[1] As an adult, he still had an unassuming appearance[9] and was mild-mannered, calm, and intellectual, although he was easily distracted.[10]

Physical description[]

David was a pale, reed-thin man with long brown hair that fell into his eyes.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

David was a skilled Durast, and he spent lots of time making or perfecting his crafts.


Genya Safin[]

"I loved him and he loved me. When I was... when no one could reach me... he saw me."
— Genya during David's funeral, Rule of Wolves

David's relationship with Genya started mainly after she received her scars. The two were a pair in Ruin and Rising and constantly chatted about metals, melting points, and poison as they made their way to the firebird's location. Sometime later, the two were seen together in bed after David kicked everyone out of the dorm to have time with Genya. They were interrupted by Alina, who told David to "get dressed."[18]

The two get married in the three-year period after the Ravkan civil war and before the events of King of Scars.

In Rule of Wolves, Genya and David have a more elaborate wedding ceremony at the royal chapel, and later a wedding reception.[2] David left hurriedly in the middle of dancing with Genya to work on an idea, and was killed when Fjerda bombed the palace while still in his wedding clothes.[17]


  • David is a name of Biblical Hebrew origin, meaning "beloved."[19]
  • Kostyk is a last name derived from the name Konstanty, which is the Polish form of the name Constantine.[20]
    • Constantine comes from the Latin name Constantinus, which means "steadfast and faithful."[20]


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