The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

David Kostyk is the expert resident Fabrikator at the Little Palace.


Crafting Alina's Gloves

On the day of the Winter Fête, David gifts Alina a pair of gloves at the general's behest for Alina's demonstration to help her harness her abilities and enhance her performance. "Ingenious," Genya remarks. However, Alina assures David that she's perfectly capable without the need of his gloves.

During Alina's demonstration at the fête, David notices Genya watching him but pretends to not notice and avoids eye contact.[1]

Tracking Alina to Ryevost

The general assembles a team composed of David, Zoya, Ivan, and Polina to help track down Alina, who was supposedly abducted during the Winter Fête. They track Alina's abductors to a town in Ryevost, where David remains seated in the carriage whilst the others investigate. However, the Crows manage to avoid capture and steal the carriage after knocking David unconscious.

By the time David makes it to his feet, General Kirigan and Ivan have returned to report that Alina is on a path of her own, having separated from her abductors a while back. David awkwardly raises his hand to be called on before explaining that Genya gave Alina a ring made of pure iridium, not native to Ravka. So when they get within one mile of her, David will be able to direct them.[2]

Creating Morozova's Collar

After General Kirigan captures Alina and kills Morozova's Stag, David melds the Stag's antlers into a collar. The antlers infuse with Alina, resulting in sharp ends protruding from her shoulder blades while another piece of the antler is infused in Kirigan's hand, thus bridging the gap between the two, allowing Kirigan to claim her powers given that he killed the Stag.[3]

Personality and traits

David is awkward and soft-spoken, often quiet unless spoken to directly. However, he is a skilled Fabrikator and thrives in his work.

Physical description

David is a young man with dark skin, black hair, and brown eyes.

Powers and abilities

David is an expert Fabrikator. Favored by the Darkling above many.


Genya Safin

Much like in the Shadow and Bone Trilogy, David has an unusual relationship with Genya, whose feelings towards David often go unreciprocated, as he's typically too enthralled in his work.


Season 1



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