The Grishaverse

Djerholm is the capital of Fjerda, situated on the shore of the True Sea. The Ice Court, the residence of Fjerdan nobility as well as the stronghold of its military, is located in Djerholm.


Jarl Brum led a group of young drüskelle, including Matthias Helvar, who captured fifteen Grisha, including Nina Zenik, from the Wandering Isle to Djerholm for the Grisha's trials. Their ship was wrecked by a storm before they reached the capital, however.

Six of Crows[]

Kaz Brekker and his crew spend a day in Djerholm to do reconnaissance on the Ice Court. They eat at a tavern and bakery in Upper Djerholm. After escaping the Ice Court, they drive a stolen tank down the streets of the western warehouse district to the Djerholm harbor, where they are stopped by hundreds of Fjerdan soldiers. Nina Zenik enhances her Heartrender powers with jurda parem, overpowering the soldiers and allowing the Crows to flee the harbor in their ship, the Ferolind.

Rule of Wolves[]

Nina and Hanne Brum, accompanied by Jarl and Ylva Brum, visit Djerholm for the Vinetkälla celebrations. The Hringsa stage a play, then displays of Grisha power, to convince the Fjerdan people that Grisha are the children of Djel.


Djerholm, along with Elling, is one of the only places on Fjerda's western coast that can be safely approached by sea; the rest of the coast is steep, inaccessible cliffs.[1] The city of Djerholm has orderly streets leading to the shore. Its houses and warehouses are painted in many different colors such as red, blue, yellow, and pink.[2] The harbor is often crowded with ships.

Upper Djerholm[]

Upper Djerholm is located on the cliff in the northern part of the city and includes shops, markets, and inns. It is sprawling and lacks a city center, but the majority of its establishments are clustered around the base of the hill leading to the Ice Court. One tavern in Upper Djerholm is called the Gestinge, meaning "paradise". It has a rooftop terrace and terrible food.

The Ice Court[]

Main article: Ice Court

The Ice Court is located on the northern cliff overlooking the city's harbor. It is only accessible via a seven-mile road from Djerholm's harbor, which crosses over a bridge across the river gorge.[3] Along the road, two miles out of Djerholm, is a tavern called the Warden’s Waystation.[2] The bells of the Ice Court's Elderclock are audible in Djerholm.[4]


There are plays every season in theaters in Djerholm. They tell epic, heroic tales of battle,[5] or long operas.[6]

For Hringkälla, Djerholm is decorated with ash tree wreaths and silver ribbons.[2] For Vinetkälla, it is decorated with ash boughs woven into knots and hearts.[6]


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