The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

"This country gets you in the end, brother. Don’t forget it."
— Dominik's last words to Nikolai, King of Scars

Dominik was Nikolai Lantsov's childhood friend. He died from a bullet wound during the Battle of Halmhend.


Dominik was brought into Nikolai's lessons with Mitkin as a way to punish the young prince for misbehaving. Before the teaching began, it seems that Dominik was aware of his purpose for being there because every time Mitkin scolded or shushed, Dominik jumped. Dominik's family benefited from their son's status at the Grand Palace but were still barely able to subsist on the crops they harvested from their farm. Dominik's status also allowed him to be exempt from the First Army draft.

The first time they met was when the boys were nine, Mitkin introduced him as an addition to the class. Nikolai tried to speak with him, but he flinched every time they spoke and refused to address him by anything but 'moi tsarevich.' At some point when Mitkin was teaching and Nikolai was talking to Dominik, they were told to be quiet: scaring Dominik. When Mitkin left the room to get a more detailed globe, Nikolai placed a mouse under his fur hat. Dominik was terrified, with good reason. Mitkin came back and when frightened by the mouse, he called Dominik up to the front of the room. He was smacked on the wrists and forearms ten times with a birch rod. Dominik was crying and his wrists were red with welts. After Nikolai saw the pain that the punishment caused Dominik, he apologized and vowed to do better, even when Dominik reassured him that that is why he is in the Grand Palace.

Dominik's presence changed Nikolai's behavior from rambunctious to attentive. Meanwhile, he and Nikolai being the only two in the class, became fast friends. They came up with secret codes to talk in their textbooks, built toy boats and sent them to the abandoned water garden and gave each other nicknames that changed every day. When the boys were twelve, Nikolai would hang out with Dominik and his family. Dominik's eldest brother was taken for the draft while they were still sneaking out. Once Vasily found out about Nikolai visiting Dominik's farm, he was disgraced and barred from the Palace at the age of fifteen. Nikolai managed to pull some strings during their time apart, funneling money to their family, got Dominik's elder brother reassigned to a place where fighting was light. When the boys turned sixteen, Nikolai enlisted in the infantry and they endured basic training at Poliznaya together. Dominik was there when Nikolai was first shot.

At the Battle of Halmhend, Dominik was shot. There was no Grisha healer or medik to help. As Dominik lay down dying, he made Nikolai promise to take care of his family, and make sure his mother knew he died well. During his last moments, he told Nikolai the story of Andrei Zhirov, smiling as he told his friend that the radical had been hanged for treason and the rope broke causing him to roll into the grave that was dug for him. Nikolai questioned the validity of the story, and Dominik replied saying that he didn't know, as he struggled to breathe. As Dominik took his last breaths, he squeezed Nikolai's hand, saying, "this country gets you in the end, brother. Don't forget it."

Physical description[]

Dominik has dark hair.[1]



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