The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

Duli Maradi, born Duli Endewe, was the son of a Zemeni fishing family who fell in love with Baya, the daughter of a rival family.


Duli was the son of Addis Endewe, the head of a fishing fleet. One day, Duli went to the market with his friends to buy jurda and met Baya; they immediately fell in love. Because their families were bitter rivals, Duli and Baya met in secret on Sankta Maradi's dock. They planned to steal a boat from their family fleets and escape beyond the bay, where they would be free of their parents' rivalry.

After dark, Duli secured a small skiff from his family's fleet and set sail to meet Baya. However, Baya's father caught her and destroyed his fleet, leaving Baya to jump into the sea to seek Duli. She struggled toward Duli, calling out to him, and he called back to her, but the night was too dark and cold for them to find each other. Sankta Maradi took pity on them and cleared the clouds, allowing the light of the moon to guide Duli and Baya together. Duli pulled Baya into the boat and they sailed away.

On a new shore, Duli and Baya began a new life. They took Maradi's name as their family name and every year made a path of white stones down to the water to thank Sankta Maradi.

Physical description[]

Duli was handsome.[1]



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