Durast crest

Durasts are Grisha of the Materialki order. Because Alkemi and Durasts often share their workspace and do similar work, they usually aren't distinguished and only called Fabrikators.

Durasts wear purple keftas with gray embroidery.

Abilities Edit

They can manipulate glass, steel, wood, plants, stone or anything solid on a molecular level. This ranges from changing a solid's shape, texture or composition. They can make flowers bloom, remove an object's pigment, move objects without touching them and even absorb harmful matter from another person's body into their own.

Known DurastsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • The Word Durast comes from the latin word durus which means solid, hard or strong. This reflects that Durasts are working with solid materials and as well reflects that their products are strong and durable (durable comes from latin durus, too).
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