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Ehri Kir-Taban is the Shu princess and ex fiancée of Nikolai Lantsov. She is second in line for the Shu throne.


Ehri was named by her mother to succeed her as Queen of Shu Han, but her sister, Makhi, hid that from Ehri and took the throne instead.

King of Scars[]

As a representative of the Shu royal family, Ehri attends Nikolai Lantsov's party in Ravka. However, Ehri attends disguised as a member of the Tavgharad, Mayu Kir-Kaat, while Mayu plays the role of the princess.

Learning that Mayu planned to defect, Tamar Kir-Bataar invites her (actually Ehri) to spar in the training rooms. The other members of the Tavgharad are uncomfortable, but Ehri agrees. Tamar, believing her opponent to be a trained guard, overestimates Ehri's fighting ability and accidentally hurts her. Mayu claims it was an accident, but Ehri tells the "princess" to make amends with a private dinner between the Ravkan king and the Shu entourage.

At the final party, Mayu, disguised as Ehri, kills who she believes to be Nikolai (actually Isaak Andreyev). After the conclusion of the festivities, Nikolai finds the real Ehri and drags her to the conservatory, where Isaak's body is. Nikolai reveals that Ehri is not Mayu, as they had all believed, and explains the Shu plan to kill Nikolai and Ehri and frame the Fjerdans. Ehri was told that she would have a new name and a quiet life in the countryside, away from politics where she could pursue her music. The Ravkans tell her that her queen and sister would not have let Ehri live, but Ehri denies this possibility.

Nikolai tells Ehri she will be kept in Ravka as his bride-to-be. Ehri emphatically refuses, but her only other choice is to be executed. Tamar and Tolya Yul-Bataar escort Ehri back to her chambers in the palace.

Rule of Wolves[]


Personality and traits[]

Ehri is seen as young, amiable, and wildly popular among her people, the Shu.[1] She admits to wanting to live her life in peace away from her title and destiny. She has not shown any aspirations for politics or ruling.

Physical description[]

Ehri is considered the least beautiful of her sisters[2] and her features are average. Her chin is sharply pointed.[3] Zoya describes Ehri as having "a pinched, homely face;" however, she also has "the countenance of a queen."[4] Ehri has calluses on the tips of her fingers from playing the eighteen-stringed khatuur.[4]

While disguised as Mayu, Ehri's expression is often serious;[3] she wears the black uniform of the Tavgharad and ties her long black hair in a topknot.[4]

Skills and abilities[]

Ehri is a master at playing the eighteen-stringed khatuur.


Nikolai Lantsov[]


Makhi Kir-Taban[]




  • Although the Shu usually carry the names of one or both of their parents, the royal family all take the name of the first Shu queen, the founder of the Taban dynasty. Therefore, Ehri's surname, like all women of the Taban line, is Kir-Taban.[5]


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