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The Grishaverse

Elizaveta, also known as Sankta Lizabeta of the Roses, is one of the Ravkan Saints, and patron saint of gardeners. She was jailed in the Shadow Fold along with Grigori and Juris.


Elizaveta lived in the outskirts of a small village, where she tended to her family's beehives and prayed. One day, she smelled something burning and went to the wise men for counsel. She was told that the scout would have alerted them upon seeing danger, but after traveling to the top of the hill, Elizaveta found him fast asleep. She saw an army approaching and warned the village. However, nobody came to fight, and Elizaveta pleaded with the raiders instead. When they refused, she summoned the bees to chase them away.

Rumors were soon created about how the town had been spared. A general found Elizaveta and questioned her, but she refused to give him a clear answer, saying that only the bees knew. Angered, the general tied her up and gave the order to tear her body apart.[1]

After the Darkling's death, Elizaveta stole his body from the sands of the Fold and left a facsimile in his place. She preserved it in hope that he might be resurrected. She believed that the Darkling was the true king of Ravka.

King of Scars[]

Elizaveta met Nikolai Lantsov and Zoya Nazyalensky when they got trapped in the Fold while looking for answers on how to rid Nikolai of the demon. She told them about a ritual known as obisbaya that could be the solution to their problem. They decided to perform the ritual despite the risk. Unbeknown to them, the ritual was really meant to bring the Darkling back.

Zoya realized Elizaveta's true intentions as the ritual was being performed and burned the Darkling's body, but his spirit managed to flee and introduced itself in Yuri Vedenen's body while he was unconscious, bringing the Darkling back to life.


The Darkling[]

Elizaveta met the Darkling many times. The first time was when she was young. It was many years ago, when he had only just begun his service to the Ravkan kings. He knew that she had great power and he was drawn to that. She described him to Zoya as arrogant, idealistic, beautiful, and vain.




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