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Emil Retvenko was a Ravkan Squaller indentured to Councilman Hoede in Ketterdam.


Retvenko sided with the Darkling's army during the Ravkan civil war. After the Darkling was defeated, Retvenko escaped to Kerch and indentured himself to Councilman Hoede, where he lived in relative comfort as a prized commodity, though he was bored by his duties. He accompanied Hoede's cargo ships to ensure they had good winds and fair weather conditions for their journeys.

Six of Crows[]

Retvenko is sitting lazily in Hoede's Grisha workshop when Joost, a young guard in the stadwatch, enters. Joost admonishes Retvenko for the open door, and Retvenko responds that it is too hot, and he would consider closing the door if Hoede turned down the heat. Retvenko asks after Yuri, a fellow Grisha indenture, and goes on to tease Joost about his uniform and his crush on Anya, Hoede's third Grisha indenture.

Retvenko tells Joost that Anya has been taken by Hoede, the same way he took away Yuri, and that when Yuri returned he was sick and vanished two days later. Retvenko suspects he is next, though he displays characteristic disinterest in this possibility. He tells Joost to leave, and when Joost starts to argue, Retvenko uses his power to send a gust of wind at him, breaking a pane in the door and forcing Joost out of the workshop.

Crooked Kingdom[]

After Hoede's death, Retvenko takes on sea voyages to pay off his indenture to the Merchant Council. He wallows in his pitiful circumstances and contemplates his future freedom while drinking at a bar in the Barrel, then heads Fourth Harbor for his next voyage. While waiting in the harbormaster's office, Retvenko hears something; just as he is about to brush it off as a false alarm, the office explodes and a Shu woman enters. The office clerk shoots her with a shotgun, but she recovers quickly, a metal armor showing through her clothes. Retvenko attempts to fight her by conjuring up a storm, but soon he is seized and lifted into the air. He turns to see a Shu man with mechanical wings carrying him into the air.

Personality and traits[]

Cynical and stolid, Retvenko only really cares about working off his indenture and returning home to Ravka, possibly to seek pardon from the king. He dislikes interruptions, particularly from otkazat'sya, and often reacts to them with displays of Grisha power. He has a thick and rolling Ravkan accent and does not speak Kerch well.

Physical description[]

Retvenko is older than Anya and Yuri, Hoede's other indentures. His hair is streaked with silver. While indentured to Hoede, he wore dark blue robes.



  • Emil Retvenko is pronounced eh-meel red-veng-koh.[1]


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