The Grishaverse

"Of all Grisha, Corporalki have the hardest road. We require the most training and the most study. At the end of it all, I felt I could save more lives as a Heartrender."
— Fedyor, Shadow and Bone

Fedyor Kaminsky is one of the Grisha Heartrenders who escorts Alina Starkov to the Little Palace.


Fedyor chose to be a Heartrender rather than a Healer because he felt that he would be more useful as a soldier.

Shadow and Bone[]

Fedyor Kaminsky is one of the Grisha Heartrenders that escorts Alina to the Little Palace, along with Ivan. Along the way they are ambushed by the Fjerdans, and Fedyor bursts the heart of a Fjerdan to save Alina. Later, at the Queen's Winter Fete at the palace, Fedyor meets Alina again and tells her of his orders and new post on Ravka's border.

Siege and Storm[]

Fedyor returns to the Little Palace with other Grisha to look for the Sun Summoner. Alina trusts only him and talks to him about their plans for the Grisha. Alina asks Fedyor to be one of the two Corporalki representatives at the war councils.

During the Darkling's attack at Nikolai Lantsov's birthday dinner, Fedyor is thrown from the roof of the Little Palace in the Grisha's fight against the Darkling and his army of nichevo'ya.

Personality and traits[]


Physical description[]

Fedyor has a long, melancholy face.