The Grishaverse

Fedyor Kaminsky is a Heartrender at the Little Palace.


The road to the Little Palace[]

Fedyor is one of the Grisha who escorts Alina to Os Alta. On the way to the Little Palace, Fedyor introduces himself to Alina and explains that her bulletproof kefta will protect her from attack. Given what Alina can do, Fedyor questions how is it that no one has ever looked twice at her before. After Ivan informs Alina that General Kirigan built the Little Palace to protect Grisha, they are ambushed by Fjerdans, during which time, Fedyor gets hit by a bullet but luckily is not seriously injured.[1]

General Kirigan informs Fedyor that Nina Zenik has been on a priority mission, but she hasn’t reported in, and he fears that she’s been captured. So, he tasks Fedyor with finding her.[2]

Winter fete[]

Fedyor finds Genya outside the Palace with Alina watching the performers for the winter fete. He approaches with his best impression of Ivan, momentarily scaring the girls before leading them back inside before his "better half" catches them out. During the Fete, Fedyor convinces Ivan to enjoy himself and feeds him a treat.[3]

Tracking down Nina[]

Fedyor reports to General Kirigan that Nina was abducted by Fjerdans and put on a ship with other Grisha captives bound for the Ice Court, meaning someone likely gave her up. Kirigan suspects that Zlatan is that someone. Fedyor also reveals that a witch hunter by the name of Matthias Helvar is within their ranks and that he’s clever. Unfortunately, they lost track of the ship after it hit a storm front. So, General Kirigan orders Fedyor to reach the western coast, go as far north as he can, and bring back any Grisha he finds. Barring that, General Kirigan orders him to bring back a Fjerdan.[4]

Fedyor tracks Nina down to a tavern and knocks Matthias unconscious. He had come to save her, but Fedyor realizes that she’s with Matthias. She claims that he’s changed, but Fedyor isn’t convinced. He gives Nina one last chance to salvage her reputation by bringing Matthias back to the Little Palace for execution. Instead, Nina accuses Matthias of being a slaver and the Kerch bounty hunter offers to take them back to Ketterdam for prosecution. This leads to a dispute between the Grisha and the bar patrons. The bounty hunter reminds Fedyor that they’re already at war with Fjerda and that it wouldn’t be a good idea to start a war with the Kerch as well. Fedyor relents, and Nina leaves with Matthias and the Kerch bounty hunter.[5]

Personality and traits[]

Fedyor has a cheerful demeanor, most of the time he is seen smiling or joking around. This is evident when he tries to impersonate Ivan to scare Genya and Alina. He is also quite flirty when he is around Ivan.

He also takes his role as a Grisha under the Darkling's command seriously and fulfills his orders without hesitation.

Physical description[]

Fedyor has brown eyes and dark brown, nearly black hair, which is styled sideways. He is quite tall and continuously wears a red Heartrender kefta.

Powers and abilities[]

Fedyor is a Heartrender.



Fedyor and Ivan are in a romantic relationship. Fedyor refers to Ivan as "his better half," and later feeds him a sweet at the Winter Fete.


Season 1[]


  • Fedyor is one of the few characters that speak with an accent.
    • In an interview with the magazine Viewties, Julian Kostov revealed that the reason for that is "[Fedyor] just chooses and prefers this accent because it feels more romantic to him to sound like the old noblemen, heroes and Tzars of Ravka."[6]
  • Fedyor chose to be a Heartrender rather than a Healer because he felt that he would be more useful as a soldier.
  • While not canon in the book series, the show decided to have Fedyor be in a romantic relationship with Ivan.


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