The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

Fifth Harbor is one of the main harbors in Ketterdam. Although the harbors are owned by the city, Kaz Brekker and the Dregsconsider it their territory.


Fifth Harbor had been useless and essentially abandoned by the city until Kaz Brekker took it over. He had it dredged, then built out the docks and the quay. Now, the harbor offers berths to merchant ships and boats carrying tourists and sailors from all over the world.

It is where Jan Van Eck gets his shipments of jurda.

Six of Crows[]

The Black TIps regularly encroached on Fifth Harbor for a year prior to Six of Crows. This led to a parley between Tips lieutenant Geels and Dregs lieutenant Kaz, which ended in the Dregs' favor.

Kaz's crew for the Ice Court job departs from berth twenty-two in Fifth Harbor. It is the location of the battle between the Dregs, the Black Tips, and the Razorgulls, who Pekka Rollins hired to stop the Dregs from leaving Ketterdam.

When the Crows return to the city, Kaz, Rotty, and Jesper Fahey row from the ship to Fifth Harbor in a longboat.

Crooked Kingdom[]

Kaz purchases Fifth Harbor's berth twenty-two from Wylan Van Eck as a docking point for Inej Ghafa's warship, the Wraith. The Ravkan ship carrying Inej's parents also docks in Fifth Harbor.


  • Fifth Harbor is where Kaz emerges after swimming back from the Reaper's Barge. It is possible this is why he sought to build it up.