The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

Filip was a member of the Dime Lions[1] who helped Jakob Hertzoon con Jordie and Kaz Rietveld.


Filip sold wind-up mechanical dogs outside the Gold Strike on East Stave in Ketterdam. He told Jordie that he was from Lij and recruited Jordie to become a runner for Jakob Hertzoon. Filip and Jordie carried messages to and from the docks and placed orders for Hertzoon at trading offices.

In a staged argument in front of the Rietveld boys, Hertzoon refused to let Filip invest in jurda stock. Filip yelled at Hertzoon and stormed out of the coffeehouse.[2]

Later, Kaz found Filip running a monte game on Kelstraat. He tortured Filip for two days and killed him with the key to a wind-up dog shoved down his throat.[3]



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