The Firebird is a mythical bird with brilliant wings of flame, considered by many to be the heart and soul of the Ravkan empire. According to legend and myth, the Firdbird's song could lull an entire army to sleep. It supposedly also wept diamond tears and its feathers could heal mortal wounds. The future might even be seen in the flap of its wings, according to some folklore.


The Lives of Saints

In The Lives of Saints, it is revealed that Sankta Vasilka is said to have become the first firebird, due to her weaving wings that glowed and bore magical properties.

Ruin and Rising

The Firebird is briefly seen when it tries to kill Alina and Mal. Mal saves Alina, and they realize that Mal is the true third amplifier. After this, the firebird ceases its attack and leaves the two, sensing they no longer wish to kill it.


  • The Firebird was heavily featured with the Stag and Rusalye in Morozova's research. Due to this, the creature was believed by many to be Morozova's third amplifier, not understanding the true meaning of the symbol. This was later found out to be false as Morozova's daughter, and in extension, Mal, was the third amplifier, by virtue of her resurrection.
  • The Firebird's path of flight was said to be Ravka's original borders and that the Firebird's feather was what protected the first Lantsov King in battle.
  • The Lantsov line is believed to be descended from the Firebird.
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