The First Army, also known as the King's Army, is Ravka's first line of defense against outside threats, including the Fjerdans to the north and the Shu to the south, as well as the flesh eating monsters that live in the Shadow Fold. It is the counterpart to the Second Army.


The First Army is composed of non-Grisha Ravkans, sometimes referred to as otkazat'sya ("the abandoned") in historical texts. There is a natural rivalry, bordering on hostility, between the First and Second Armies, arising from a mistrust of Grisha power on the part of the First Army, and a scorn for the ordinariness of otkazat'sya on the part of the Second Army. This friction exemplifies the wider conflict between Grisha and the magic-less peoples who have historically feared and persecuted them.

Like the Second Army, both men and women are enlisted. This is mainly due to Ravka's constant state of war with its neighbors coupled with the detrimental effects of the Shadow Fold dividing the country. However, the First Army does not recruit people outside Ravka, like the Second Army does.


There are different jobs that someone can have when they are in the First Army, and they are placed into different units. 

  • Cartographer
    • Junior Cartographer Assistant
  • Soldier
  • Tracker
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