Fjerda is the northernmost nation bordering Ravka to the south. It harbors many mountains.

Fjerdans perceive Grisha power as dangerous and witch-like, and they train their Drüskelle to hunt and kill Grisha. This hostility puts Fjerda at odds with Ravka, who train their Grisha as soldiers.

Northern Fjerda is also home to the Hedjut people.

Appearance Edit

Typical Fjerdans have pale complexions, blue eyes, and blond hair. Traditional attire includes thick clothing spun of rough materials that is often described as shapeless or ugly by the other nations.

Notable locations Edit

  • Djerholm - capital city
  • Elling
  • Avfalle
  • Elbjen
  • Gafvalle
  • Gjela
  • Felsted
  • Kejerut
  • Overut
  • Hjar
  • Halmhend

Known Fjerdans Edit

Technological Advances Edit

Fjerda is well known for their heavy advancements in technology, like engines that power wagons and tanks, steel aircraft that works without grisha squallers, all in the span of one year. They are also a proponent of testing jurda parem on the grisha they capture.


  • Fjerda is based on Scandinavia.
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