Fjerdan is the language commonly used by the inhabitants of Fjerda.


Fjerdan Phrase English Translation
Jer molle pe oonet. Enel mörd je nej afva trohem verret. I have been made to protect you. Only in death will I be kept from this oath. (Drüskelle oath to Fjerda)
Skerden Fjerda, mende hjertzeng, lendten isen en da wanden The start of the Fjerdan National Anthem
Wanden olstrum end kendesorum. Isen ne bejstrum. The water hears and understands. The ice does not forgive.
Fel holm ve koop djel. Our home is better for it.
Der git ver rastjel. We are grateful guests.
Djel comenden! Djel commands it to be so!
felöt objer taking root


Fjerdan Word English Translation Possible Language Inspiration
drüsje witch drȳ, "sorcerer or magician" (Old English)
Drüskelle witchhunter(s) drüsje + killen/kellen, "to kill" (Middle Dutch)
Djel Djel, the Fjerdan god of life djur, "animal" (Swedish)

fjäll, ”mountain” (Swedish)

roëd red röd, "red" (Swedish)

rød, "red" (Norwegian)

fetla bird[1] fugl, "bird" (Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic)

fågel, "bird" (Swedish)

wej magical, Grisha
fer where var, "where" (Swedish)
esje it is
demjin demon
hje good hjertelig, "heartfelt/from the heart" (Norwegian Bokmål)
marden morning
jer/je I jeg (Danish, Norwegian Bokmål)
molle have been made målad, "painted" (Swedish)
pe you
oonet to protect
enel until/only in
mörd death mors, "death" (Latin)
mord, "murder" (Swedish/Norwegian)

mörda, "to murder" (Swedish)

trohem will keep
nej/ne [negation] ne, "not" (Old English)

nei, "no" (Norwegian)

verret this oath veritas, "truth" (Latin)

vow, (English)

värde, "value" (Swedish)

wanden water vann, "water" (Norwegian)

vand, "water" (Danish)

vatten, "water" (Swedish)

olstrum hears olfacere, "to smell" (Latin)
end and
kendesorum understands kende, "to know" (Danish)

kännedom, "understanding/knowledge" (Swedish)

isen ice isen, "the ice" (Norwegian, Swedish)

is, "ice" (norwegian)

bejstrum forgives beklaga, "to express regret" (Swedish)

beklage, "to express regret" (Norwegian)

gestinge paradise gestynge, "party" or "accommodation; temporary habitation" (Middle English)
Tig! Shut up! Be quiet! tie, "to stop talking" (Danish)

tig, "shut up/be quiet" (Swedish, Norwegian)

torvegen tanks
Strymakt Fjerdan! Fjerdan Might!
strymakt strength, might stormakt, "great/large power" (Swedish, Norwegian)

makt, "power" (Norwegian)

styrke, "strength" (Norwegian)

styrka, "strength" (Swedish)

Ondetjärn!, Fellenjuret! exclamations of surprise/ “I’ve found/caught something!” ? Ondtjärnen = lake in Hälsingland, Sweden
shimkopper piss bucket koppar, "copper" (Swedish)

kopp, "cup" (Swedish)

Ajor hello adjö, "goodbye" (Swedish)
ven tidder all is fine
ve/ver/ven (it) is/(we) are/(they, everything, all) is
perjenger passenger(s)
Sten! Stop! stans!, "stop!" (Norwegian)

stanna!, "stop!" (Swedish)

desjenet! stand down!
Neg! No! nei, "no" (Norwegian)

nej, "no" (Swedish)

Djerholm Home of Djel Djurholm = Finnish island
holm home holme, "tiny island" "compounded as place name ie. Holmestrand - the island beach (descriptive village name.)" (Norwegian)

holm, place name suffix (Swedish)

ulle chieftain
isenulf ice wolf (partner to drüskelle) is, "ice" + ulv, "wolf" - isulv, "ice wolf" (Norwegian)

isen + ulf, "wolf" (Old Danish)

trassel troublemaker trosse, "to resist or defy" (Norwegian)

trussel, "threat" (Norwegian)

trassel, "complication, problem" (Swedish)

fel our
comenden (it) commands


  • Bardugo consulted David J. Peterson to develop the language for the books. Peterson then collaborated with Christian Thalmann to fill in the blanks and bring it to life onscreen.[2]


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