The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

"Do you love her? Could you love me too?"
— Frederik to the nutcracker, The Soldier Prince

Frederik Zelverhaus was the older brother of Clara Zelverhaus.


As a child, whenever Droessen visited the Zelverhaus family home, Frederik liked to stage long battles with the clocksmith's toys. For Clara's sixteenth birthday party, seventeen-year-old Frederik was home from school.

On the last evening of Nachtspel, Frederik witnessed Clara talking to the human nutcracker. He offered to take the nutcracker outside, as the nutcracker wished, despite Clara's protests. Frederik took the nutcracker to the Zelverhaus dinner party, named him Josef, and created a false backstory for the nutcracker. The nutcracker kissed Frederik in a dark hallway, where Frederik asked if the nutcracker loved him and his sister. Frederick offered for the nutcracker to sleep in his room, but the nutcracker never came.

When Frederik graduated from school, he initially took up the family tea business. However, he soon developed a love for sea travel, hopping from ship to ship and mailing odd gifts back to his family. His parents asked him to return home and manage the business, and Frederik always promised that he would, but he always found another ship to take him to a more interesting foreign land.

Personality and traits[]

Frederik is mischievous and playful. The nutcracker describes him as "bold and sometimes reckless."[1] He changes his desires quickly, preferring adventure and change to work and responsibility.