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Geels is a lieutenant of the Black Tips, a gang based in Ketterdam.


Geels came to Ketterdam from the suburbs. He and Elzinger rose through the ranks of the Black Tips together.

Six of Crows[]

Geels meets with Kaz Brekker at the Exchange for a parley between the Black Tips and the Dregs regarding the territory of Fifth Harbor. He is accompanied by his two seconds, Elzinger and Oomen. Geels wants more stake in Fifth Harbor, but Kaz considers that area the Dregs' and objects to the Black Tips poaching tourists from them.

Geels reveals that he bribed the two city guards who were monitoring the Exchange that night to shoot Kaz and his second, Jesper Fahey. Kaz incites Geels into ordering the guards to shoot; to Geels' dismay, one of the guards shoots Big Bolliger, who had betrayed the Dregs to Geels, instead of Kaz. Kaz reveals that he blackmailed one of the guards, Willem Holst. Geels calls for the second guard, Bert Van Daal, but receives no reply, since Inej Ghafa has Van Daal hostage. Geels, realizing his situation, pulls out a pistol and points it at Kaz.

Kaz claims to have set fire to Nineteen Burstraat, the apartment where Geels' girlfriend, Elise, lives. Geels realizes Kaz has outsmarted him and stands down, conceding Fifth Harbor to the Dregs. Kaz breaks Geels' wrist and tells Geels that if he helps Big Bolliger, Kaz will come after Geels. Defeated, Geels tells Kaz that there's something wrong with him and leaves the Exchange.

Pekka Rollins pays Geels five thousand kruge to have the Black Tips ambush the Dregs who try to leave Fifth Harbor on the Ferolind. Geels sends many of his men to the docks and recruits some Razorgulls to help.

Personality and traits[]

Geels has an aura of confidence. Kaz Brekker describes him as not smart, but just bright enough to be trouble.[1]

Physical description[]

Geels has wrinkles at the corners of his eyes and burgeoning jowls beneath his sideburns. He wears Barrel flash, such as a lime-green waistcoat with mirrored buttons.



  1. Six of Crows, Chapter 2


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