The Grishaverse

General Zlatan is a First Army general from West Ravka. He supports West Ravkan independence and seeks to lead an insurrection against the King.


With Ravka split by the Shadow Fold, the General began organizing a campaign to make West Ravka a completely separate, independent nation. Part of his plan and efforts in the campaign involve dealing with nations usually hostile to Ravka. He turned his back on Fjords and allowed them to enter the country, unchallenged, so they could kill or abduct Grisha, as Grisha were a powerful asset in East Ravka. He knew that the campaign could only survive so long as the Fold remained dividing the nation. After the Sun Summoner was found, he made a deal with Arken Visser, to assassinate the Sun Summoner in order to prevent her from being able to take down the Fold. When Arken failed, the Darkling, along with the Sun Summoner, Alina Starkov, and foreign dignitaries were crossing the Fold on the skiff to West Ravka. Zlatan planned to kill everyone on board once they were through the Fold, but to his shock, the Darkling used his powers to expand the Fold further west, and consumed the town of Novokribirsk, with Zlatan and his forces. It is unknown if he survived.

Personality and traits[]


Physical description[]

General Zlatan has brown hair and blue eyes.


Season 1[]


  • Zlatan only appears in the Netflix series, as does West Ravkan separatism.