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The Grishaverse

Grigori, also known as Sankt Grigori of the Wood, is the patron saint of doctors and musicians.


Once the son of a nobleman fell ill, and although many doctors treated him, his condition did not improve. Worried, the boy's mother sent for Grigori. At the time, Grigori was known as a Healer and teacher who lived in a cave in the mountains nearby. After Grigori saw the boy, he began to feel better within a couple of days.

The nobleman was grateful, but the doctors and the people close to the nobleman were not, and started speaking of Grigori messing with black magic. The nobleman couldn't ignore the charges and they left Grigori in the wood at night so the beasts would devour him. However, he pleaded to the Saints and made a lyre from bones to calm the beasts.

The next morning, everyone saw Grigori was alive and well, and they saw it as confirmation he was practicing black magic. They left him in the wood once more. This time they bound his hands so he could not play the lyre, and the beasts devoured him.[1]


Sankt Grigori's bearskin was laid on the shoulders of Ravkan kings and queens during their coronation ceremony.[2][3] However, it was a counterfeit, as the bear had never truly died.[4]

King of Scars[]

Along with Sankta Lizabeta and Sankt Juris, Sankt Grigori was trapped in the Shadow Fold since its creation by the Darkling 400 years prior. He and the two other Saints meet Nikolai Lantsov and Zoya Nazyalensky when they enter the Fold.[5]

Nikolai later finds Grigori in the central chamber. They discuss Grigori's story, and he encourages the king to do his best at the obisbaya ritual. Grigori disappears when Yuri Vedenen enters.[4] During the ritual itself, Grigori spreads himself over the thorn wood to separate Elizaveta and Yuri from Nikolai and his demon, and Elizaveta's insects consume his body.[6]

Physical description[]

"A grotesque loped over the sand, a massive body that kept forming and re-forming—two heads, then three; a thousand arms; a humped back with a spine that twisted in sinuous ridges; ten, twenty, thirty long, spindly legs moving in tandem. The forms were human one moment, animal the next—thick with fur and gnashing teeth."
— Description of Grigori in the Shadow Fold, King of Scars

After being trapped in the Fold, Grigori can no longer control the form he takes. As a human, he has gentle eyes and curly dark hair with bear skins around his shoulders.[4] However, the bear makes him appear grotesque, constantly forming heads and other shapes.[5]



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