The Grishaverse

The Grisha Triumvirate is the group of people who command the Ravkan Second Army. It was established after Alina Starkov’s martyrdom at the end of the Ravkan civil war, when she lost her powers and resigned from her position as leader of the Second Army. As mentioned by Alina, the purpose of the Triumvirate is to enable the Grisha to be led by themselves instead of by the Darkling; as a result, all three Grisha orders are represented within the Triumvirate.

The first members of the Grisha Triumvirate were Zoya Nazyalensky, Genya Safin, and David Kostyk, representing the Etherealki, Corporalki, and Materialki respectively. As of Rule of Wolves, the Etherealki are represented by Adrik Zhabin and the Materialki by Leoni Hilli.

Under the leadership of the first Grisha Triumvirate, as well as by prior influence from Alina Starkov, many of the barriers between Grisha orders have been dissolved and status among the Grisha is now perceived as significantly less important than it was under the Darkling’s rule.

Little is known about how the members of the Triumvirate are selected (aside from the first members, who were appointed by the Sun Summoner); it is implied that there is a nomination process among the incumbent members to select their successors. The duration of their term and the extent of the power they hold within the Ravkan government are also unclear. However, the first Triumvirate was known to work closely with the king of Ravka at the time, Nikolai Lantsov; it is expected that the present Triumvirate will have a similar role in advising the present queen of Ravka, Zoya Nazyalensky.