Hanne Brum is a Corporalki Healer who lives in Fjerda, as well as the child of Jarl Brum.


Hanne is very tall, Nina guesses about six feet, and physically strong. Hanne has russet hair, bronze eyes, and tan skin, and has Hedjut ancestry through the maternal line.


Hanne was born to Jarl and Ylva Brum. As the head of the druskelle, and with Fjerda's customs, Jarl had hoped for a son and was disappointed when Hanne was born as a girl; while Ylva wanted Hanne to be demure and feminine and worried about Jarl's continued inclusion of Hanne in his excursions. Undeterred, Jarl often took Hanne out of camping trips and hunts, honing his child's love for the outdoors, which Hanne retained all throughout life, much to Ylva's disdain, would encourage Jarl's intent. When this proved to be the case, Hanne was sent to a convent in Gäfvalle, in hope of reigning Hanne in to be more feminine.

Rule of Wolves

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Nina Zenik

Nina and Hanne’s relationship becomes official in Rule of Wolves. Nina says that she isn’t good for them, but Hanne goes on to say “I know all the things that aren’t good for me and I want them all the same.” Hanne tells Nina “never let me go” and Nina replies with “never.” Nina kisses them and the next morning Hanne’s mother finds them with their clothes half on. Later, Hanne accidentally uses their Heartrender powers on the Fjerdan prince out of fear, crushing his heart. Hanne tailors his face to look like theirs and their face to look like his, then pushes his body off a tower. Nina sees who she thinks is Hanne lying dead, with their body completely broken. Nina grieves for the loss of Hanne and contemplates if all her love ever does is hurt people. Hanne gets close to Nina, still pretending to be the prince. Nina considers killing the prince, but starts to notice this about him, like his unusually full lips and strange voice. She asks the prince where they met, and Hanne responds with where they and Nina first met. Nina runs to Hanne and kisses them, then they repeat what was said before their first kiss. Hanne and Nina decide to keep up the charade and rule as king and queen of Fjerda. In the couple’s last appearance, Nina helps them pick out a saint’s name to be their new name, as they cannot stand being called the prince’s name. They decide on Ilya, since he was a saint that changed the world forever.


  • While the character is referred to with feminine pronouns, Hanne has stated a feeling of comfort in a male body, as this is explicitly described as being due to the societal constraints of womanhood. It is unknown whether Hanne identifies as nonbinary, a binary transgender person, or gender non-conforming/genderqueer.
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