Harshaw is an Etherealki Inferni who accompanied Alina in her search for the firebird.

Appearance and Personality

Harshaw is described as tall and rangy, with bright red hair almost the color of blood. He is the most powerful and unpredictable Inferni out of the two that remained from the fight at the Little Palace. He often gets distracted, and seems to have an obsession with fire.


In his youth, Harshaw's brother was killed for being Grisha. In response, he burned down the entire village and sailed away.

Ruin and Rising

Harshaw is first mentioned by Alina Starkov during her morning prayer as the Inferni who was always getting carried away when he had fire duty with David. She later assumes he went to back to bed after the morning prayer when he isn't there for sparring.

When Alina explains to the Grisha what happened in the Kettle, Harshaw is disappointed that they didn't let him help with the explosion. Alina also introduces Oncat, a scrawny, orange tabby that had found a way to the White Cathedral and follows Harshaw everywhere. Zoya asks him if he'll ever name her, and he says she has a name, which is Oncat, Kaelish for "cat".

During their journey to the surface, Alina expresses concern about him, saying not only did he annoy her, but made her nervous as well, dragging his flint against the cave walls and feeding Oncat bits of cheese. He even shaved the sides of his head once, insisting that Oncat told him to.
He stays at the Spinning Wheel with the others, then escapes with Alina, Mal, Tolya, Tamar, Nadia, Zoya, Adrik, and Misha. He goes with Alina's group to find the firebird.