The Hellshow is an event run by the Dime Lions and held in Hellgate Prison. Pekka Rollins established the Hellshow after pitching it "to the right Council member" (87). It's located in the old prison tower which had been gutted to create an arena and an amphitheater. There are jutting, terraced, stone ledges where the audience can watch. The roof has long since fallen in or was destroyed, allowing the night sky to be visible high above. The walls around the fighting pit blaze with torchlight and the floor is covered in sand that is red and damp where it has soaked up blood. There's a rope ladder that allows the prison guard to leave the pit floor for the ledges.

If prisoners from Hellgate volunteer, they spin a wheel to determine which creature they are going to fight against. The wheel can land on numerous things. Snakes, tigers, bears, boars, wolves, and a desert lizard called Rinca moten are some of the possible animals that the wheel could land on.

If the prisoners are able to succeed, they can get better food, cells to themselves, liquor, jurda, and conjugal visits with girls from West Stave.

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