The Grishaverse

The House of the White Rose is one of the more luxurious brothels in the Barrel in Ketterdam. The House is run by Onkle Felix.


Nina Zenik worked at the White Rose after the Ravkan civil war for a year while trying to secure Matthias Helvar's release from Hellgate. Her room was on the third floor and features only a round table for her work and a narrow settee for her sleep. At the White Rose, Nina altered moods, relieved anxieties, and did minor tailoring for the wealthy.

Six of Crows[]

When Kaz Brekker visits the House, a boy in a cream-colored velvet suit with a white rose in its buttonhole is working the front desk. He had been tailored by Nina to match the House décor with white hair and colorless eyes. Kaz watches through the peephole to Nina's room while she soothes the mood of a grieving merchant named Van Aakster. Kaz then tells Nina about jurda parem and recruits her for the Ice Court job.

Crooked Kingdom[]

Khergud soldiers attack the White Rose, searching for Nina. The front of the House is blown open and the rose vines climbing the exterior walls catch fire.


Located on the West Stave, the House of the White Rose has a private dock on the canal. Its gleaming white stone façade looks less like a pleasure house and more like a merchant's mansion. Its window boxes are always filled with climbing white roses, whose sweet scent clings to the air over the canal. The exterior sign for the House is a many-petaled rose fashioned in white wrought iron and gilded with silver.

The parlor inside features huge alabaster vases overflowing with more white roses. Patrons wait on ivory couches, and the room is heavily perfumed. The House serves patrons waiting in the parlor near-colorless wine and small vanilla cakes soaked in almond liqueur. There is a staff entrance in one of the walls of the parlor, hidden behind a potted rose tree. As with all of Ketterdam's brothels, the White Rose features peepholes between rooms.

The white rose used by the House is the only rose that can grow in Ketterdam's wet climate. However, that rose has no natural scent, so the House sprays them with perfume to create its perfumed atmosphere. The girls who work at the House bear a tattoo of a rose on the inside of their left forearm.