The Grishaverse

"Morozova was the Bonesmith, one of the greatest Fabrikators who ever lived, and a man who tested the very boundaries of Grisha power, but he was also just a man with a wife."
Baghra about Morozova, Ruin and Rising

Ilya Morozova, also known as Sankt Ilya in Chains, was the father of Baghra and the grandfather of the Darkling and Ulla. He was obsessed with creating amplifiers and was one of the first and most powerful Grisha.


Morozova had a wife and two children. His unnamed wife was an otkazat'sya. The couple first produced Baghra and then a seemingly normal child. Alina Starkov speculates that Morozova's second daughter may have also been Grisha, but hid her power and somehow survived.

He was rumored to have created three amplifiers: the stag, the sea whip and the firebird.


Morozova's martyrdom happened when he brought his second daughter back to life after Baghra killed her using the Cut. The villagers wrapped him and his daughter in irons and threw them off a bridge into the water, their chains pulling them below.

His daughter survived was later revealed to be the third amplifier - the result of her being brought back to life. and went on to mother a line of descendants- the last of her bloodline is Malyen Oretsev.



  • Ilya is the Russian form of the name "Elijah", meaning "My God is Yahu/Jah".[1]
  • Morozova is a Russian surname derived from the Russian word moroz (frost).[2]