The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

Irina is a Durast who worked for Nikolai Lantsov in his guise as Sturmhond.


Siege and Storm[]

After Rusalye is killed, Sturmhond suggests one of the Fabrikators on his crew craft an amplifier for Alina Starkov. Irina is woken up to craft the Sea Whip's Fetter. She studies David Kostyk's work on Morozova's Collar and worries about giving Alina an unprecedented second amplifier.

After Alina demonstrates her increased power, Irina looks like she might be sick.

Ruin and Rising[]

Alina takes Irina with her on her journey to find the Firebird. She does not craft the third amplifier for Alina since the Firebird turns out to really be Malyen Oretsev.

Physical description[]

Irina keeps her hair in braids and gnaws her lip when she's thinking.

Powers and abilities[]

Sturmhond considers Irina his best Fabrikator.