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The Grishaverse

Isaak Andreyev was a member of Ravka's royal guard and a former soldier of the First Army.


Early life[]

Isaak was the son of a teacher and a seamstress. He would later join the First Army and reach the rank of Private first class.[1]

Isaak was a First Army soldier when he met Nikolai Lantsov. The prince encouraged Isaak to use his talents for languages, although Isaak was hesitant he took the job to supply money for his family. He took up random labor jobs in his hometown while healing a wound he had acquired in battle when he received a letter from Nikolai offering Isaak a job as a member of Ravka's royal guard. With this work, Isaak was able to better care for his mother and sisters back home and become fluent in Shu, Zemeni, Kerch, and Suli languages.

King of Scars[]

Isaak and Trukhin guard the path leading to the royal stables as Nikolai returns from Lazlayon. He greets Isaak in Zemeni, which the guard then corrects.[2]

When Nikolai and Zoya Nazyalensky go missing in the Fold, Isaak is asked by the Triumvirate to temporarily present himself as Nikolai. Isaak's loyalty to Ravka and his fondness for King Nikolai cause him to accept, although he requires some time to act and sound like Nikolai. Genya Safin tailors Isaak's physical features to resemble the King (as Isaak was chosen due to his similar height).

Isaak agrees to their request and acts as Nikolai for a ball that the crown of Ravka is throwing to find Nikolai a bride. At the ball he falls in love with a female assassin that is disguised is to look like a Shu princess. She mistakes him for Nikolai Lanstov due to him being altered to look like the Ravkan prince and attempts to kill him (with a Fjerdan dagger) and then attempts suicide. She succeeds in killing Isaak but is saved by the Yul-Bataar twins.

Personality and traits[]

Isaak was extremely shy,[2] but could muster more confidence when impersonating Nikolai. He was also hard-working, taking up long jobs to care for his family as soon as he had gained enough strength to work, as well as caring and very loyal.[3]



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