The Grishaverse
The Grishaverse

Ivan is a Corporalnik Heartrender and one of the Darkling's Oprichniki.


Traveling with the Sun Summoner[]

After General Kirigan confirms that Alina is indeed the Sun Summoner, he tasks Ivan and Fedyor with escorting her to the Little Palace. On the road to the Little Palace, Ivan and Fedyor introduce themselves to Alina and explain that her bulletproof kefta will protect her from attack. Given what Alina can do, Fedyor questions how is it they’re just now discovering her. Ivan then informs Alina that General Kirigan built the Little Palace to protect Grisha. And now with the arrival of a Sun Summoner, just maybe they’ll be able to destroy the Shadow Fold. Suddenly, they are attacked by Fjerdans. Ivan, Fedyor, and the others fend them off long enough for the Darkling to arrive and take off with Alina. However, Fedyor does suffer minor injuries during the ambush after being shot.[1]

After learning that 13 Grisha were killed at war, six Healers, four Inferni, and three Heartrenders, Ivan accosts Alina for not spending every waking moment getting stronger to tear down the Fold.[2]

Winter Fete[]

Ivan and Fedyor attend the Winter Fete at the Little Palace, where many of their allies have come to see Alina’s powers on display. There, Fedyor convince Ivan to enjoy himself and feeds him a sweat.[3]

Hunting down Alina and the Stag[]

Ivan assists General Kirigan with his interrogation of the Conductor, who killed Marie while attempting to assassinate Alina. With Ivan at his side monitoring the man’s heart rate, he detects when the prisoner is lying. After Kirigan realizes that Visser struck a deal with the West Ravkan General to kill Alina in order to keep the Fold intact, the Darkling kills Visser.

Ivan joins General Kirigan in the hunt for Alina. They track her and the three rogues who abducted her to Ryevost, where Ivan singles out Jesper in a laundry room. Given that their kefta is bulletproof, Jesper shoots Ivan in the exact same spot three times, thus piercing the kefta and wounding Ivan. However, rather than finishing Ivan off and killing him, Jesper spares his life after noticing a small child watching nearby.[4]

Ivan, General Kirigan, and Zoya track Alina to a clearing, where she so happens to have also found the Stag. They shoot both Stag and Mal with an arrow, forcing Alina to choose between saving her friend and saving the Stag. When Alina chooses Mal, the Darkling kills the Stag and David melds a piece of its antlers both into Alina and General Kirigan, establishing a connection between the two.

They return to camp with Alina and Mal, but the day they intend to cross into the Fold, Ivan reports that Mal had escaped some time last night. General Kirigan orders Ivan to kill Mal if he gets anywhere near Alina.[5]

Crossing through the Fold[]

The skiff enters the Fold and General Kirigan binds Alina’s feet to the deck of the ship. When the volcra approach the skiff, General Kirigan uses Alina’s power to create a tunnel of light for safe passage. He then reveals that he has no intentions of destroying the Fold, rather he intends to expand it. Both Mal and Alina attempt to stop the general after he expands the Fold into Novokribirsk, but Ivan sends them both crumbling to the ground. However, after Alina regains full control of her powers, Ivan is shot off the skiff by Jesper and left for dead.[6]

Personality and traits[]

Ivan is very stern, does not smile very often unless in the company of Fedyor and is loyal to a fault, fulfilling the Darkling's commands without hesitation.

Physical description[]

Ivan has short brown hair that he keeps shaved close to the head. He has brown eyes and a short beard. He only ever wears his red Heartrender kefta with the occasional addition of a dark fur hat.

Powers and abilities[]

He is a Heartrender.



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Fedyor Kaminsky[]

Ivan is in a romantic relationship with Fedyor, who refers to Ivan as "his better half," and later feeds him a sweet at the Winter Fete.


Season 1[]




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