The Grishaverse

Ivo is a Grisha Tidemaker.


Shadow and Bone[]

Ivo heard that Alina Starkov killed hundreds of volcra during her first crossing of the Shadow Fold and is disappointed to learn that she fainted instead.[1] After Zoya Nazyalensky hurts Alina during training, he reports seeing Zoya leave the Darkling's council rooms in tears.[2]

He later joins several other Etherealki, including Alina, when they practice summoning by the lake. He and Marie believe Alina had been infected by a Fjerdan disease that was cured by the Darkling, explaining her sudden improvement.[3]

He praises Alina's performance at the winter fete.[4]

When Alina is captured by the Darkling and brought to the Fold, Ivo rushes forward to greet her with Marie and Sergei. He is surprised to see her in such bad shape after the Darkling told them she had been in seclusion to pray and fast before her excursion to the Fold.[5]

Physical description[]

Alina describes him as having "the sleek features of a mink."[1]


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