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Jellen Radmakker is a member of the Merchant Council and one of the wealthiest men in Kerch.


Crooked Kingdom[]

To pressure the timid Karl Dryden into investing in their false jurda consortium, Kaz Brekker and his crew invite Radmakker to the Geldrenner Hotel. He attends a presentation on Zemeni oil futures by Jesper Fahey.

Radmakker is the city auctioneer for the auction of Kuwei Yul-Bo's indenture. He repeatedly calls for order as the Fjerdan, Shu, and Ravkan delegations argue before the auction. Once the Church of Barter is silent, Radmakker reads the rules of the auction, monitors the medik who investigates Kuwei's health, and begins the auction. When Sturmhond bids fifty million kruge, Radmakker is slightly surprised, and rises to outright enthusiasm when the bid climbs to one hundred and ten million.

When the Council of Tides arrives and declares the auction a sham, Radmakker attempts to call for order. The Tides reveal Jan Van Eck and Johannus Rietveld created a false fund to swindle the Council; Van Eck says Radmakker met with Rietveld too, but Radmakker was at the Geldrenner for a different reason. Van Eck claims Kaz Brekker kidnapped his wife and son, but cannot provide proof, and Radmakker grows impatient. When Wylan Van Eck appears, severely injured, in the chapel, Radmakker instructs the stadwatch and medik to help him. Radmakker declares the auction over.

The Council learns that Van Eck did invest in the false jurda fund, and the stadwatch arrests him. Furious at the Council's lost money and the damage to Kerch's reputation, Radmakker tells Van Eck to stop making a spectacle. Van Eck declares that Wylan cannot read; Radmakker does not believe him and encourages Wylan not to listen to his father, but Wylan pretends to read a Transfer of Authority to prove his competence. Radmakker believes Jan Van Eck to be mentally unsound and has him taken to the Stadhall.

Personality and traits[]

Radmakker is a scrupulously honest man and devoted to the Kerch god of commerce, Ghezen. His only relative is "an equally pious sister who spent her days scrubbing the floors of public buildings in service to Ghezen."[1]

Physical description[]

Radmakker is pale, with tufty orange hair and eyebrows and a hunched posture.



  • Jellen Radmakker is pronounced yel-uhn rahd-mah-kur.[2]


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